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Latin Pronunciation

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Here are some common Latin words and phrases used in academia. Click the audio link to hear each word.

  Emeritus, emerita ("having earned [an honor] by service")

  Honōris causā ("for the sake of honor")

  Cum laude ("with praise")

  Magnā cum laude ("with great praise")

  Summā cum laude ("with highest praise")

 Curriculum v ītae ("course of life") -
         often abbreviated vīta ("life")

  Alumna (female graduate)

 Alumnus (male graduate)

The traditional Latin pronunciation is still used for the phrases above. For the plurals of alumnus and alumna (alumni and alumnae) the traditional pronunciation is commonly replaced by an American variant.

Alumnae  - plural of alumna
  Standard American pronunciation
 Traditional Latin pronunciation

Alumnī  - plural of alumnus and commonly used for groups including both men and women
  Standard American pronunciation
 Traditional Latin pronunciation


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