Shan Suthaharan

Faculty Highlight - Prof. Shan Suthaharan

People around the department might be wondering where Dr. Suthaharan was in the Fall. The answer is that he was spending time on the west coast, as a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Statistics at the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Suthaharan's recent work in "Big Data" analysis has attracted a lot of attention lately, including this invitation from Berkeley - ranked as the number two statistics program in the country. Since Dr. Suthaharan's return he has continued his work in Deep Learning here, providing insight into classifying data in large, high-dimensional data sets.

Girish Jammu and Steven Tamba

Student Highlight - Girish Jammu

Girish Jammu, a senior in the Computer Science B.S. program, met Steven Tamba (a Political Science major) freshman year at UNCG, and they have maintained a strong friendship and shared projects since then. While maintaining a challenging course load, the two friends have created and run a nonprofit, Education for Liberia, to raise scholarships for children in Liberia to attend school. Girish and Steven are not only pursuing their own studies and interests at UNCG, but are actively improving the lives of people thousands of miles away. For more information about these students and their foundation, see the UNCG press release.

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