UCI ML Data Sets

The UCI Machine Learning repository provides several useful data sets; therefore, visit this website and select the data sets that are appropriate for classification and interesting to you. Explore and download

LWSNDR Data Sets

These are wireless sensor data sets generated for anomay detection, but suitable for classification algorithms. These data sets can be found at Explore and download. These data sets have been used by other researchers:

  1. H. Kumarage, I. Khalil, Z. Tari, and A. Zomaya. "Distributed anomaly detection for industrial wireless sensor networks based on fuzzy data modelling." Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 73(6), pp.790-806, 2013.
  2. B. Parbat, and R. K. Dhuware. "Comparative Study of Classification Techniques with Labeled Data in Wireless Sensor Network." International Journal of Computer Applications 69, no. 11, pp. 27-31, 2013.

FLOOR Data Sets

These are the simple data sets and adopted in the required textbook for the purpose of explaining machine learning techniques. Thsi set includes carpet floor and hard floor data sets Explore and download.

NHANES Data Sets

These data sets can be found at the Center for Disease Control website. One of the usefulness of the data set is the classification problem associated with diabetic or non-diabetic status. Explore and download.

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