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Big Data and Machine Learning. Fall-2015.

Tuesday/Thursday, 1400-1515 in Petty Building 303

Dr Shanmugathasan (Shan) Suthaharan FIET
Professor of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
161 Petty Building, Greensboro, NC 27412
  TP: 336 256 1122, Fax: 336 256 0439
Email: s_suthah@uncg.edu, LinkedIn Profile

My Book - Springer US

Machine learning models and algorithms for big data classification - thinking with examples for effective learning.


கலாநிதி சன்முகதாசன் சுதாகரன்

Dr Suthaharan invented a key management and encryption technology (2004-2005) called Systems and methods for digital content security, which has been patented in Australia (Patent Number: 2005255946 - Oct. 15th, 2009), Japan (Patent Number: 4625841 - Nov. 12th, 2010), and Singapore (Patent Number: 127427 - Sept. 30th, 2009). This cryptographic system consists of two core algorithms: (i) a key generation algorithm (KG-algorithm) and (ii) an encryption algorithm (EN-algorithm). The KG-algorithm generates a highly secure very large key space and creates variable length sub keys. The EN-algorithm encrypts messages using the same tactics presented in the KG-algorithm along with commonly used Feistel-like cipher technology. Pseudo random number generators (PRNG), bit characteristics, and the cryptographic operations such as circular bits shift and block-wise permutation, play major roles in these security algorithms. This invention is based on the following paper: S. Suthaharan. 2004. Fragile image watermarking using a gradient image for improved localization and security. Pattern Recognition Letters 25. pp. 1893-1903.

Dr Suthaharan also invented a technology for network management, and submitted its invention disclosure to UNCG: AutoRED Algorithm - a technology that is designed to detect network traffic congestion automatically to improve the network router performance (2005-2006). This technology models the relationship between Internet-router queue oscillation and Internet traffic characteristics. It reduces the chaotic queue oscillation and provides better QoS to the users of Internet. This technology can be easily deployed in the current Internet Routers for congestion control. This invention is based on the paper: S. Suthaharan. 2007. Reduction of queue oscillation in the next generation Internet routers. Computer Communications, Elsevier, vol. 30, no. 18. pp. 3881-3891.

Dr Suthaharan also submitted an invention disclosure with some of his undergraduate students: iAssist - a technology that is designed to assist users with everyday tasks on different iOS devices using speech recognition. All iOS devices may be improved with this application. The technology can be expanded to include other devices with a microphone and it can also improve speech recognition technology. This invention can help develop, improve, and expand current natural language processing technology, and can be expanded to multiple languages as well. Student inventors: Bilal Sayed Ahmad, Steven Kaufmann, Connor Haynes, and Gary Covey (this work was carried out by the students as a part of a senior project course, CSC 490 class, in fall 2012, 2012-2013).