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Big Data and Machine Learning. Fall-2015.

Tuesday/Thursday, 1400-1515 in Petty Building 303

Dr Shanmugathasan (Shan) Suthaharan FIET
Professor of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
161 Petty Building, Greensboro, NC 27412
  TP: 336 256 1122, Fax: 336 256 0439
Email: s_suthah@uncg.edu, LinkedIn Profile

My Book - Springer US

Machine learning models and algorithms for big data classification - thinking with examples for effective learning.


கலாநிதி சன்முகதாசன் சுதாகரன்

Dr Suthaharan's research is focused on the characterization and detection of environmental events, the exploration of machine learning techniques, and the development of advanced statistical and computational techniques to discover relevant signatures and detect emerging events from structured and unstructured big data and the environment. Five important definitions that play significant role in his research are presented below for improved readability:

The goal of his research is to build a secure and reliable environment using modern and emerging techniques and technologies. To achieve this goal, the meaning of environmental events that help characterize and detect regular and abnormal events (classification) must be understood. In an environment, events may be captured using multiple technologies such as wireless sensor networks, distributed file systems, digital cameras, and mobile devices. These technologies may produce core data units such as measurements, images, sound, and videos that may be used to characterize and detect environmental events. Many applications require signature discovery and event detection techniques to extract information from big data, and build a secure and reliable environment.