CSC 100: The Beauty and Joy of Computing

Readings and Videos

This page contains links to readings and videos that students are expected to read or watch.

Major Readings for Discussion

CSC 100 includes required readings on technology and society from the book Blown to Bits by Abelson, Ledeen, and Lewis (abbreviated as BtB below), as well as some readings from other sources. We will ideally follow a two-week schedule for each chapter, which includes reading and individual reflection time (1 week - personal reflection due in Canvas on the final day), on-line discussion time (1 week), and a brief in-class recap at the end of the two weeks. I say ideally because several readings operate on an adjusted schedule due to Labor Day and UNCG's Fall Break. Reading Reflection guidelines were handed out and discussed in class on August 21.

Participation in the on-line discussion is required for all students, and will count as part of your homework grade. The basis for your grade includes the depth of your comments (i.e., not just throw-away comments so that you have said something) as well as your professionalism and care you have taken in presenting your comments (grammar, clarity, etc.).

Reading Reading Period
Reflection due on final
day at 10:00 A.M.
On-line Discussion
(closes at 10:00 A.M.)
BtB Chapter 1
Digital Explosion
Aug 21 - Aug 28 Aug 28 - Sept. 6
(Labor Day change)
BtB Chapter 2
Naked in the Sunlight
Sept 6 - Sept 11
(5 days due to Labor Day)
Sept 11 - Sept 18
How a Watch Helped Emma Write Again
Sept 18 - Sept 25 Sept 25 - Oct 2
BtB Chapter 4
Needles in the Haystack
Oct 2 - Oct 16
(2 weeks, but Fall Break)
Oct 16 - Oct 23
Luis von Ahn
Harnessing People-Power
Oct 23 - Oct 30 Oct 30 - Nov 6
BtB Chapter 5
Secret Bits
Nov 6 - Nov 13 Nov 13 - Nov 20

Other Readings

There will be a variety of other, shorter, readings that will be assigned throughout the semester. Nothing needs to be turned in for these readings, but they will be discussed in class at the appropriate time, and you are expected to be prepared for those discussions. Fair warning: I have been known to give pop-quizzes when it seems that students are not doing the expected reading.

Week 2

Week 3