CSC 330: Advanced Data Structures


  1. Assignment 1: Due Monday, September 14 [PDF]

    Code needed for this assignment (including corrected code from the book):

    Alternatively, you can download everything together in a ZIP file:

  2. Assignment 2: Due Wednesday, September 23 [PDF]

  3. Assignment 3: Due Monday, October 19 [PDF]

  4. Assignment 4: Due Monday, November 9 [PDF]

  5. Assignment 5: Due Monday, December 7 [PDF]

    Since the only graph algorithm you need to work with the new implementation is BFS, it's easiest to cut everything except the first 3 functions out of the d_galgs.h class before you start working with it. The amgraph and amgalgs files below are still using the textbook's adajency list implementation, but the algorithms file has been cut down to just the necessary functions.