CSC 495/693: Software Foundations

A printable PDF is available.

Software Foundations Grading

This handout provides information on how assignments will be graded in the Software Foundations class.

After class on Thursday each week, an assignment will be published on Canvas that clearly describes the material covered that week, and the problems that you are responsible for. You are expected to do all of the one and two star problems, and approximately half of the three star problems. Four star problems are optional, but you are encouraged to try! Each problem is worth a certain number of points, based on its difficulty, and the "expected to do half of the three star problems" rule is built in to the grading scheme as shown below. Note that the total number of points for each assignment depends on the number and difficulty of problems assigned -- each week will probably have a different total number of points!

Problem Type Can Earn Out Of
One Star 10 10
Two Star 20 20
Three Star 30 15
Four Star 30 0

Solution are graded based on correctness (primarily) and elegance.