CSC 495/693: Software Foundations

Precompiled files

This page contains some pre-compiled files for early chapters in the book. While we have found work-arounds for some of the problems with the Windows version of CoqIDE (e.g., capturing compiler output to a file), these files are provided in case you can't get an earlier chapter to compile.

Keep in mind that Coq is very version-sensitive. If you downloaded and are using the latest version (patch-level 2) these will not work! You need to be using patch level 1 - this is the version that is available on UNCG machines and through the UNCG mycloud/Citrix service, and you can download a copy to install on your own machine from the Coq web site:

Files for version 8.5pl2

Well, it looks like UNCG upgraded Coq and changed the version on us. Now you need compiled versions for "pl2" - these are below.