CSC 580: Cryptography and Security in Computing


  • Assignment 1: Due Thursday, February 7 [PDF]
    Problem 4 on the homework involves writing a program to see how well simple letter frequency information works for decrypting a monoalphabetic substitution cipher. The full problem statement is in the assignment, and you should use the three test files below, which are small, medium, and large files. The files themselves are encrypted versions of text taken from Project Gutenberg -- the smaller files are excerpts, while the large file is a full book. To keep things to the straight English prose, the Project Gutenberg license has been cut out - refer to the original versions for full license information. On the assignment: Don't expect simple letter frequencies to give you correct English text - the main thing is to see whether this gives you enough of a starting point where you can make some sense out of it as a first step to refining a solution (you don't need to do this part). Is the decryption clear enough so you can figure out what book these samples come from?
    Test data files: test1.txt    test2.txt    test3.txt
    Sample code: C++ sample and Java sample
  • Assignment 2: Due Tuesday, February 26 [PDF]
  • Assignment 3: Due Tuesday, April 2 [PDF]
  • Assignment 4: Due Tuesday, April 16 [PDF]
  • Assignment 5: Due Tuesday, April 30 [PDF]