CSC 589: Trusted Computing and Security Models

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The following links are to additional information about class topics.

Main references for TPM Information:

Main reference for concepts and models used in modern cryptography:

Additional good references for cryptography:

  • Lecture Notes on Cryptography by Shafi Goldwasser and Mihir Bellare - used for an MIT summer course in cryptography (1996-2001).
  • Handbook of Applied Cryptography - the entire CRC Press book is available online for free. This is a reference book and focuses on algorithms and techniques rather than models and proofs, but it's an excellent reference.

Additional good references for computer security:

  • Security Engineering by Ross Anderson - one of the best books on applied computer security, which is now available online for free (but you can still buy a printed copy too!)
  • Computer Security History Project - Seminal Papers (Classic papers in computer security, including Anderson, Bell-LaPadula, Orange Book, Multics papers, and more) [Link no longer working - was]

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Links to resources/info from student presentations: