If you are having problems with loading or running CBAT please review the following:


    CBAT requires Flash 6 (Flash MX) player to run the program. Downloading the newest version of Macromedia's Flash Player will fix any problems with the loading, viewing, or running CBAT. This will also provide you with faster and more reliable processes. Click on the image.


    CBAT works best when Internet Explore is used to display it. Downloading the newest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer will fix most problems related to icons not opening windows or window size. All other web browsers are not recommended for use with CBAT. Click on the image.


    The link on the main screen uses JavaScript to load CBAT which only works on updated versions of Internet Explorer. Use the link above to open CBAT without using JavaScript or update you Internet Explorer. Click on the image.


Loading Tip
    If CBAT does not load correctly or all of its functions do not load, try refreshing the window or reloading the program. Refer to 'CBAT Edition' in the Assistance part of the program to learn more about available function.


Running Tip
    CBAT requires a good bit of your computer recourses. For best usability and to get the fastest processing time close all other non-essential programs before running.


If problems persist after trying the above please contact the host of this program for additional help.