strong periods in partial words
F. Blanchet-Sadri James Carraher Brian Shirey
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Abstract         In this paper, we give an extension of Fine and Wilf's periodicity result in the context of partial words: any word with h holes and having a strong period set p and length at least the so-denoted Lh(p) has also gcd(p) as a strong period. We investigate optimal words for the bound Lh(p), i.e., partial words u with h holes of length Lh(p) - 1 such that p is a strong period set of u but gcd(p) is not a strong period of u. We give closed formulas for Lh(p) in a number of cases. Our approach is based on connectivity in graphs associated with sets of strong periods.

Keywords: Combinatorics on Words; Fine and Wilf's Theorem; Partial Words; Strong Periods; Optimal Lengths.
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