Subwords in Partial Words
F. Blanchet-Sadri, Katie McKeon and Sinziana Munteanu



A 2n-complex partial word of order N has 2n distinct subwords for all positive integers n at most N. This applet calculates the order of a 2n-complex partial word with any number of holes. A 2n-complex partial word is minimal if there are no shorter words also of order N. If the minimum length is known for h holes, then the applet will tell whether the 2n-complex word is minimal.


Type in a partial word using {a,b} to represent the alphabet and ^ to represent holes. Press the enter button to find the order of the word. To clear previous results from the screen, press the clear button.

This page may not function correctly if you do not have the latest versions of the Java Runtime Environment and Java Plugin, available here.