Community and Therapeutic Recreation

Linda Buettner, Ph.D., CTRS

Department of Community and Therapeutic Recreation University of North Carolina at Greensboro
420 HHP Building, 1408 Walker Avenue
Greensboro, NC 27412
(336) 334-4131 (office)
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Curriculum Vita

Lin Buettner is a professor of gerontology and therapeutic recreation. Her main research for the past 15 years has been the examination of therapeutic programs for older adults with secondary symptoms of dementia, depression, delirium and evaluating non-pharmacological interventions.

Selected Research and Publications
Therapeutic recreation-nursing teams: a therapeutic intervention for nursing home residents (Buettner & Ferrario, 1997);
Rural vs. urban caregivers of older adults with probable Alzheimer’s disease: perceptions regarding daily living and recreational needs (Buettner & Langrish, 1999);
Simple Pleasures: a multi-level sensori-motor intervention for nursing home residents with dementia (Buettner, 1999);
AD-Venture: Therapeutic biking for the treatment of depression in long-term care residents with dementia (2002);
 Efficacy of prescribed TR protocols on falls and injuries in nursing home residents with dementia (2002);
 Therapeutic recreation interventions for need-driven dementia-compromised behaviors in community-dwelling elders (2003).
Health Promotion for the Mind, Body, and Spirit: A college course for older adults with dementia (2003);
Predicting Outcomes of Therapeutic Recreation Interventions for Older Adults with Dementia and Behavioral Symptoms (2006);
Peace of Mind: a pilot community based program for older adults with memory loss (2006); Recreation clubs: An outcome-based alternative to daycare for older adults with memory loss. 

Dr. Buettner has more than peer reviewed 60 publications in a variety of therapeutic recreation, nursing and multidisciplinary gerontology journals.

Dr. Buettner is the author or co-author of Therapeutic Recreation in the Nursing Home (1995), Simple Pleasures (1999), Dementia Practice Guidelines (2003), NEST: Interdisciplinary Dementia Practice Guidelines (2009) and several other books. She is the Editor- in-chief for the American Journal of Recreation Therapy and Activities Director’s Quarterly.

Current research underway:
Alzheimer’s Association Investigator Initiated Research Grant (2009-2012) Award: IIRG-09-131429
Project Title: Mentally stimulating activities (MSAs) to treat apathy in early stage AD

Recruiting participants
Currently there is no cure for AD, so many individuals require extensive long-term services, often involving costly in-home care and out of home placements when function declines. Apathy is exhibited by up to 90% of those afflicted and contributes to serious problems such as more rapid declines in functional status, executive functioning, social engagement, and physical activity. Additionally, functional decline due to apathy contributes significantly to cost of care and is a major source of caregiver concern. Thus it is important to develop safe, efficacious, and cost effective interventions that maintain function, reduce neuropsychiatric symptoms, and promote quality of life by responding to apathy in the earliest stages. If awareness and engagement can be maintained over time through a scientifically developed mentally stimulating activity based intervention, ADL and IADL function may remain longer, and the period of time for costly care may be compressed. This project addresses the problem of apathy in early stage AD in a 2-arm clinic trial.

Provost’s Research Grant
Project Title:
Cognitive Recreational Therapy (Cog-RT) for Delirium Symptoms Cognitively based recreation therapy for delirium is clinically feasible and shows promise for reducing delirium severity and duration, functional loss, and costs of care. Ongoing project with Whitestone Retirement Community and Annie Penn Hospital.

Project Title: A Prescription to Enhance Resident Quality of Life. Funded by NIH/NINR [1R01-NR008910-01A1], 2005-2009. (Kolanowski, A. PI, PSU, Buettner co-PI) The primary aim of this study is to test the efficacy of recreational activities derived from the NDB model in reducing behavior problems in nursing home settings.

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