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CTR Practicum and Internship

What is a Student Learning Outcome (SLO)?
Student learning outcomes are defined in terms of the knowledge, skills, and abilities that a student has attained or learned by the end (or as a result) of his or her practicum or internship experience. SLO’s are not a list of your job duties and responsibilities.

What is the purpose of writing SLO’s?

  • SLO’s are the primary (not only) factor that your academic advisor will consider when deciding whether or not an agency is approved or not approved for a practicum or internship.
  • SLO’s must be attached to the CTR Request for Practicum or Internship Site Approval form.
  • In your mid-term and final reports, you will have to explain in detail how each SLO has been met through your practicum or internship experience.

Who is responsible for writing the SLO’s?

You (the student), in consultation with your agency supervisor, will write the SLO’s for your practicum or internship.

How do you write a SLO?
You will develop SLO’s (in bullet format) that describe specific knowledge, skills, and/or abilities that you will learn during your practicum or internship experience.

  • Start with the following lead-in statement: “At the end of my practicum or internship, I will be able to…”
  • Start each SLO statement with an ACTION VERB.
  • Each SLO should have only one action verb.
  • Develop approximately 5 SLO’s for a practicum and 7-10 SLO’s for an internship.

Sample SLO's

CREP Practicum

CREP Internship

TR - Practicum

TR - Internship

TR - Pre-OT Practicum


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