Community and Therapeutic Recreation

Master of Science (M.S.) Degree in Parks and Recreation Management

The Parks and Recreation Master of Science (MS) Degree offers students the following two concentrations:

  • Community Recreation Management
  • Therapeutic Recreation

Specific Requirements for the Master of Science Degree

Requirements for admission to the program include: An undergraduate GPA of 3.00, satisfactory scores on the quantitative and verbal sections of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) , a current resume, a professional statement including career goals, and three references. Interviews will be encouraged for all applicants and required for graduate assistants. Based on experience, recommendations, and interviews, provisional admission may be granted. Upon completion of 6 to 12 credits with a B grade or better, a provisionally admitted student may be granted full graduate standing. The courses taken will count toward the degree. A student who does not have an undergraduate degree in Recreation and Parks and/or appropriate experience will be required to take one course from his/her concentration; e.g., TR: RPM 231/338 and RPM 332; LSM/CREP: RPM 241.

Requirements for completion of the program include: Of the 36 hours required, at least one-half the work (18 credits) credited toward the degree must be in 600-level courses or above, an overall average of B (3.0), or better, and successful completion of a capstone experience (thesis, project, internship, project/internship). The student, after discussing his/her career goals with his/her advisor, may choose either the thesis or non-thesis option. However, if the student selects the non-thesis option, the advisor will determine (based on amount of professional experience in leisure services) whether the student does a project, internship, project/internship. For example, a student choosing the non-thesis option and having minimal professional experience will be required to do an internship, and potentially in combination with a project. There is a five (5) academic year time limitation beginning with the first graduate course taken. Prerequisites do not count toward the time limit.

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Apply Online:
Please submit all forms, including application, resume, personal statement, letters of recommendation, standardized tests scores, and transcripts directly to the Graduate School.

Students must meet with their advisor or the Director of Graduate Study before registering for any coursework.
Graduate Research Options (Thesis, Project, Internships, Coursework)

MS Degree Course Requirements Sheet

CTR Graduate Student Handbook

Graduate Bulletin - M.S. Parks and Recreation Program

Online Form to Request Information From the Graduate School

Graduate Assistantship Application

Masters Plan of Study Form (MS Word)

Independent Study Form (PDF)

NC Residency

For More Information, please contact:
Dr. Stuart J. Schleien
Professor and Department Chair
Director of Graduate Study
206 Ferguson Bldg, 524 Highland Ave, UNCG
Greensboro, NC 27412
(336) 334-5327

For Application Deadline, Tuition, and Requirements, please visit the UNCG Graduate School.

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CTR Students Graduating in Dec 2013 With Honors
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Sage Rubenstein-Magna Cum Laude
Hannah Tyler-Magna Cum Laude
Denise Blanchfield-Cum Laude
Chelsea Boccardo-Cum Laude
Lauren Brady-Cum Laude
Andrea Redden-Cum Laude
Chelsea Tysinger-Cum Laude

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