Community and Therapeutic Recreation

Graduate Student Research

Graduate Student Research

Through their research, our graduate students have made great contributions not only to the community, but also to advance the body of knowledge of the field. Below is an example of some of their work.

Patti Bohn, M.S., 2006
Project Title: An Assessment of the Effectiveness of UNCG’s Intramural Program on Meeting the Needs of Basketball Participants (Advisor, Dr. James Sellers)

Brandy Langley, M.S., 2006
Thesis Title: Determinants of Physical Activity of Middle-School Overweight Girls: The Effects of a Wellness Program (Advisor, Dr. Charlsena Stone)

Shelby McCoy, M.S., 2006
Project Title: An Investigation of Job Satisfaction Levels of Therapeutic Recreation Specialists in Noctr Carolina (Advisor, Dr. Charlsena Stone)

April McMasters, M.S., 2006
Project Title: Leonard Recreation Center Needs Assessment (Advisor, Dr. James Sellers)

Kenneth Osterritter, M. S., 2006
Project Title: Bur-Mil Park Clubhouse Customer Evaluation (Advisor, Dr. Nancy Gladwell)

Suzanne Stroud, M.S., 2006
Thesis Title: The Effects of Team Building Activities on Group Climate and Cohesion (Advisor, Dr. Nancy Gladwell)

Ijnanyah Wingate, M. S., 2006
Thesis Title: Siblings without Disabilities’ Attitudes Toward the Recreation of their Siblings with Disabilities: A Qualitative Analysis (Advisor, Dr. Leandra Bedini)

Paula Brooke, M.S., 2005
Thesis Title: Volunteerism Manual: A Therapeutic Recreation Intervention for Patients in Mental Health Facilities (Advisor, Dr. Charlsena Stone)

Kim Epley, M.S., 2005
Thesis Title: The Effectiveness of a “Social Skills through Leisure Activities” Program: A Case Study (Advisor, Dr. Charlsena Stone)

Dana Evans, M.S., 2005
Project Title: Postpartum Depression: The Emotional Needs of New Mothers and the Role of Female Friendships (Advisor, Dr. Stuart Schleien)

Christen Lewis, M.S., 2005
Project Title: An Analysis of Student Recreation Center Non-users (Advisor, Dr. Nancy Gladwell)

Karrie Bartlett, M.S., 2005
Thesis Title: An Examination of Temporary Displacement of High Point Homeowners Due to the International Home Furnishing Market Event (Advisor, Dr. Erick Byrd)

San-Wong Jung, M.S., 2005
Project Title: A Case Study of Destination Marketing in Hong Kong (Advisor, Dr. Jerri Hsieh)

Jamie Belton, M.S., 2004
Project Title: Camp Discovery Counselor’s Manual (Advisor, Dr. James Sellers)

Paige Caviness, M.S., 2004
Project Title: Aquatic Therapy: Looking Beyond the Physical Benefits (Advisor, Dr. Leandra Bedini)

Rodney Wright, M.S., 2004
Thesis Title: The Relationship of Motivation to Job Performance in Municipal Parks and Recreation Professionals (Advisor, Dr. Leandra Bedini)

Aimee Roy-Farrug, M.S., 2004
Thesis Title: Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists’ Attitudes toward Professionalism, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment and the Relationships among Them (Advisor, Dr. Leandra Bedini)

Heather Ulrich, M.S., 2004
Project Title: Best Practices in NRPA/CAPRA Agency Accreditation (Advisor, Dr. Erick Byrd)

Heather Kraft, M.S., 2003
Thesis Title: The Meaning of Friendship as Performed by Individuals with High-Functioning Autism (Advisor, Dr. Stuart Schleien)

Blair Peck, M.S., 2003
Project Title: UNCG Outdoor Adventure Policy and Procedure Manual (Advisor, Dr. Nancy Gladwell)

James Worsley, M.S., 2003
Project Title: Leisure Pursuits of Older African-American Women (Advisor, Dr. Charlsena Stone)

Crystal Hall, M.S., 2001
Project Title: Attitudes of Undergraduate Recreation Students without Disabilities Towards People with Disabilities Before and After the Completion of a Volunteer Learning Experience (Advisor, Dr. Charlsena Stone)

Dona Leith, M.S., 1999
Project Title: Efficacy of the Sustained Treatment and Rehabilitation Program in Increasing Community Tenure in Adult Males with Schizophrenia (Advisor, Dr. Leandra Bedini)

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