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The George Herbert Society Dissertation Award

We are pleased to announce this Award for an outstanding George Herbert dissertation. Starting immediately we invite submissions for this prize, to be awarded at our next triennial meeting in October of 2014. The Award will recognize outstanding doctoral thesis work treating George Herbert and includes a $300 cash prize. Should the winner choose to attend our triennial Conference, the Society will grant a $250 Travel Bursary, waive the registration fee, and invite the winner to deliver a twenty-minute paper deriving from the winning dissertation.

Dissertations submitted for the Award must have been completed and successfully defended in the calendar year 2011, 2012, or 2013. Dissertations must be written in English and must deal with George Herbert in a substantial way.

The Society reserves the right not to make an Award in any given triennium, to make multiple Awards, and to give one or more honorable mentions.
Dissertation Supervisors may nominate students for the Award or students may apply directly. In either case, in order to be considered the candidate must first send a letter with an outline of the dissertation to Professor Christopher Hodgkins by way of the Society: Upon confirmation from GHS that the dissertation treats Herbert in a substantial way and so qualifies for consideration, the candidate should then submit a pdf file of the dissertation to Professor Hodgkins at the same e-mail address.

Dissertation Outlines must be received by Professor Hodgkins by June 2, 2014.

If the dissertation qualifies, the pdf file should be sent to Professor Hodgkins by June 20, 2014.

Inquiries may be directed to Dr. Hodgkins at at any time.

Judging Panel:
Professor Sidney Gottlieb, Sacred Heart University, Editor, George Herbert Journal
Professor Jonathan F. S. Post, The University of California at Los Angeles
Professor Helen Vendler, Harvard University