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Application Guidelines: The George Herbert Society Fund

  1. Only dues-paying members of the George Herbert Society may apply for GHS funds.
  2. The Editor of the George Herbert Journal will each year submit an invoice to the GHS for payment of GHS members’ GHJ yearly subscriptions.
  3. While sitting members of the GHS Allocations Committee may propose allocations of GHS funds, their proposals may not benefit themselves or their family members financially.
  4. If a proposal is made that may benefit a sitting member of the Allocations Committee, that member will recuse himself or herself from the Committee’s deliberations on that proposal.
  5. At present, large requests (requests for more than $300) are unlikely to be funded fully; but as GHS membership grows, and the GHS Fund along with it, we hope to raise this request limit accordingly.
  6. Applicants will attach the following electronic documents to an email sent to our address:
  7. A current Curriculum Vitae or Resumé;
  8. A statement of no more than three double-spaced pages specifying the amount requested and explaining in some detail how the funds will be used to travel to or support a GHS initiative or program, to create such an initiative or program, or to promote in some substantial way the GHS Mission as stated below and at the GHS Website (;
  9. A budget.

Mission and Purposes: The George Herbert Society promotes knowledge and appreciation of Herbert's life and work by sponsoring international and regional events, publications, awards and prizes, and an ongoing website. While emphasizing scholarly approaches to Herbert, the Society is open to all who share an interest in his life, work, and lasting influence; while non-sectarian, the Society welcomes varied religious uses and appreciations of Herbert, and celebrates his living legacies as one of the world's great poets and spiritual writers.

Allocations and Planning Committee:
Angela Balla, University of Alabama-Huntsville, 2015-18
Andrew Harvey, Grove City College, 2015-18
Christopher Hodgkins, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Chair, 2012-2016
Anne-Marie Miller-Blaise, The Sorbonne, 2015-18
Kate Narveson, Luther College, 2013-2016
Chauncey Wood, McMaster University/University of Arizona (Emeritus), 2012-2016
Ex Officio: Sid Gottlieb (Sacred Heart University), Editor, George Herbert Journal