Faculty Handbook

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

  1. Any member of the General Faculty may submit amendments to the Constitution, or to the Bylaws of the General Faculty, to the Chair of the Senate.
  2. The Chair of the Faculty Senate shall forward all suggested amendments to the Faculty Government Committee for review and approval before they are sent to the Faculty Senate for a vote.
  3. After review by the Faculty Government Committee and approval by the Faculty Senate, amendments to the Constitution, along with their rationale, shall be submitted for approval to the General Faculty.
  4. The General Faculty shall act on any amendments at the General Faculty meeting in which they are introduced, provided that a copy of the amendment shall have been circulated to the voting General Faculty members and posted on the Faculty Senate website with notification via email to the voting members. This process of circulation, posting, and notification must occur at least five working days prior to the General Faculty meeting at which the amendments are to be considered.
  5. Amendments to the Constitution must receive the approval of two-thirds of the required quorum of 45 voting members of the General Faculty.
  6. The Secretary of the General Faculty shall forward all amendments to the Chancellor for approval.