Faculty Handbook

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

UNCG Faculty Senate Chair Dr. Anne Wallace, English


Welcome, UNCG Faculty!

The Faculty Handbook provides a ready reference site for faculty, collecting in one location an abundance of information on governance, policies and services. For example, you can read or download UNCG’s policies on Ethics in Research, Faculty Grievance procedures, and appointment to the Graduate Faculty. The Handbook also includes links to key UNCG webpages such as those for the College of Arts and Sciences, the professional schools, the Institutional Review Board, and the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Here too you’ll find connections to the larger world of academe, to the Chronicle of Higher Education and the American Association of University Professors.

Leading the Handbook’s array of resources is “The Constitution of the General Faculty,” the foundational document articulating the role of UNCG’s General Faculty in university governance. The Constitution begins by recognizing “the responsibility of the faculty in advising the Chancellor with respect to questions of academic policy, institutional governance, and any other matters pertaining to the institution that are of interest and concern to the faculty,” and goes on to specify the procedures through which the General Faculty will carry out this responsibility.

Our Constitution is a living document, changing as our understanding of university governance develops. In the past two years, for instance, the definition of the General Faculty’s voting membership and faculty’s eligibility to serve on Faculty Senate have expanded to include full-time faculty of all ranks and titles, and the term of the Chair of Faculty Senate has increased from one year to two.

The Faculty Handbook is a practical reference, but it also houses the documents that define our collective existence as UNCG’s Faculty. To fulfill our crucial responsibilities in university governance, to significantly influence university life, we must know our rights, our duties, and the procedures through which we may express our values and shape our daily work together.

UNCG Faculty Senate Chair
Dr. Anne Wallace, English

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