Genetic Counseling Program

Curriculum Overview

This is a full-time two year (plus intervening summer) program.  A total of 55 credit hours is required for graduation. These include course work, laboratory experience and clinical internships. Two Students

Throughout the program students experience: interdisciplinry faculty and guest lecturers, strong mentoring/advising and professional development opportunities, a variety of laboratory observations/experiences and varied clinical rotations, and significant experience with cooperative/shared learning.

Additional student experiences include graduate student workshops, first year observational experiences, optional summer experiences in non-traditional genetic counseling roles, and exposure to the North Carolina Medical Genetics Association and the National Society of Genetic Counseling (the latter in their 2nd year).

Students are also required to complete a research Capstone Project as the culminating experience for the degree. This project may be a case study, library synthesis, community public health application or original research.

Click here to see detailed Genetic Counseling course descriptions from the UNCG Graduate School Catalog online.

First Year Courses


Fall Semester (13 credit hours)

Spring Semester (13 credit hours)

GEN 601-Principles of Genetic Counseling I (3)

GEN 602-Principles of Genetic Counseling II (3)

BIO 616 - Human Molecular Genetics (3) (same as GEN 616)

GEN 630-Medical and Clinical Genetics I (3)

BIO 614 - Embryology and Teratology (3) (same as GEN 614)

Elective (3) (see "elective" below)

GEN 610-Genetics Counseling in the Community (2)

Research Design (3)

GEN 658-Molecular Diagnostics (1)

GEN 688-Journal Club (1)

GEN 688 -Journal Club (1)


Summer Session (3 credit hours)

GEN 671 -Quantitative Risk Analysis (1)

GEN 669-Clinical Skills Seminar (1)

Summer Clinical Rotations(1)


Second Year Courses


Fall Semester (13 credit hours)

Spring Semester (13 credit hours)

GEN 718 -Clinical Rotations I (4)

GEN 718-Clinical Rotations II (4)

GEN 748-Research Project I (3)

GEN 749-Research Project II (3)

GEN 701-Principles of Genetic Counseling III (3)

CED 645 -Mental Health Issues for Genetic Counselors (3)

GEN 730-Medical and Clinical Genetic II (3)

PHI 620 -Ethics in Genetics (3)


An elective relevant to the student's professional goals will be selected during the second semester of the program. Electives must be approved by the Program Director, Nancy Callanan. With approval of the Program Director, students may select an additional (optional) elective in the fourth semester of the program.

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  • "I chose to attend UNCG because of its shared learning environment and the access to some of the leading institutions in the country. "

  • "UNCG is a great fit for me. The program directors have extensive experience in the world of genetic counseling and provide you with opportunities to work with some of the best medical centers in the country.¬†Our location allows us to have expert guest lecturers, many of whom you also get to work alongside or observe in your clinical rotations in your second year. We also have some really wonderful and unique opportunities as a part of this program: we observe in syndrome specific support groups and clinics, tour genetic laboratories, and are matched with a family with a genetic disease to learn what it is like to live with a genetic condition. Finally, our directors are genuinely invested in each of us, and care about our success and getting to know each of us personally."

  • "The director and assistant director do their best to ensure that our program provides a collaborative learning experience.  Both are active members of the Genetic Counseling community and strive to introduce you to all aspects of this field.  We also have renowned clinical sites and the beautiful state of North Carolina at our disposal.”