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Determining the Level of Audience Interest in Journal Podcasting.  By Tanya Lehfeldt

The Internet has become an excellent resource for professionals to stay up to date on new developments in their specialty and it continues to increase in popularity.  The Internet has made podcasting one of the fastest growing Web based media resources.  Podcasts are audio or video files that can be downloaded automatically and transferred to portable media players.  Genetics in Medicine is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the clinical application of genetics.  Few scientific journals produce podcasts and podcasting may be a novel way to disseminate each issue’s content.  The purpose of this study was to determine if there is a need for a podcast of the journal Genetics in Medicine and to gain an understanding of what type of podcast the audience would expect.  A survey about podcast interest and expectations was administered by email to current American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) members.  Overall, the results of this study yielded positive feedback for a podcast of Genetics in Medicine.  In addition, the results of this study also supplied a greater understanding of the needs and desires of those interested in a podcast of Genetics in Medicine.  Specifically, the results describe ACMG member preferences on the style and content of a prospective Genetics in Medicine podcast.

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  • "I chose to attend UNCG because of its shared learning environment and the access to some of the leading institutions in the country. "

  • "UNCG is a great fit for me. The program directors have extensive experience in the world of genetic counseling and provide you with opportunities to work with some of the best medical centers in the country. Our location allows us to have expert guest lecturers, many of whom you also get to work alongside or observe in your clinical rotations in your second year. We also have some really wonderful and unique opportunities as a part of this program: we observe in syndrome specific support groups and clinics, tour genetic laboratories, and are matched with a family with a genetic disease to learn what it is like to live with a genetic condition. Finally, our directors are genuinely invested in each of us, and care about our success and getting to know each of us personally."

  • "The director and assistant director do their best to ensure that our program provides a collaborative learning experience.  Both are active members of the Genetic Counseling community and strive to introduce you to all aspects of this field.  We also have renowned clinical sites and the beautiful state of North Carolina at our disposal.”