Gamma Theta Upsilon is a professional fraternity in the field of Geography. We have no secret signs, words, or grips, except that we wear the badge of our fraternity as a sign to the world of our interest in Geography, and our determination to support and promote that subject.

The badge of Gamma Theta Upsilon is a key, significant of achievement of quality in a field of science. They symbolism of the key is as follows:

The base or body of the key is a seven sided shield, the bevel of which carries on each side the initial of one of the great land masses of the earth. Beginning with Europe at the top, to the right is Asia, Africa and Australia, the great land masses of the Old or Eastern World. To the left on the key is North America, South America, and Antarctica, the three great land masses brought into geographical knowledge as man expanded westward from Europe, the so-called New World.

Spread across the base of the key are five wavy blue lines, significant of the five great bodies of water which have carried man out from Europe to the lands of the earth, -the Atlantic, the Indian, the Pacific, the Artic, and the Antarctic or great Southern Ocean.

Above the waves significant of the oceans is placed a white star, symbolic of Polaris, the great guide to man as he pushed out from Europe over the uncharted vastness of the ocean.

At the top of the key the Greek-letters, Gamma, Theta, and Upsilon, the initials of the three Greek words, (Ge), (Thalatta), and (Hypaithrios), meaning earth, sea, and atmosphere-placed there to remind you of the three great environmental domains with which geography deals.


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