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Department of Geography

Roy Stine, Associate Professor

Roy Stine

Ph.D., University of South Carolina
Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing

Dr. Stine's C.V. (WORD document)



Dr. Stine's research interests involve the application of GIS, remote sensing, and geographic visualization to environmental and archaeological issues, especially the use of remotely sensed data for environmental impact statements and problems and in Egypt to determine predynastic settlement patterns. Dr. Stine is a contributing author to Snapshots of the Carolinas, Interpreting Space: GIS and Archaeology and Carolina's Historical Landscapes. He has received a three year grant from NASA totaling $948,913, various hardware and software grants totaling more than $71,000, a Summer Excellence Research award from UNCG, a National Science Foundation grant with Dr. Patton and grants from Syngenta, the National Park Service, and Audubon International.

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Stine, R., Swaim, M. The Battle of Guilford Courthouse: Using Cartographic Animation to Enhance Understanding of Historic Landscapes, Research in Geographic Education, in press.
The Battle of Guilford Courthouse: an Animated Map