Birth-Kindergarten Licensure Only

Commonly Asked Questions

Who is eligible to be a B-K licensure only student?
Any student who currently has a 4 year degree in child development or a related field.

Upon completion of the B-K licensure only program, will I have another Bachelor’s degree?
The B-K licensure only is not a degree program. Students completing the BK licensure only program receive teaching license for the area of Birth-Kindergarten, not another 4 year degree.

Is there a GPA requirement?
There is 2.7 GPA requirement for admission to the B-K licensure only program.

What if I do not have a 2.7 GPA?
If your GPA is between 2.5 and 2.7 then you may petition the B-K committee for a waiver; however, you must have 3.0 in your senior year or a 3.0 in your concentration in your undergraduate degree and then you may be granted a petition waiver- otherwise you will need t o follow the option below.

What if my GPA is below 2.5?
You may take 6 hours of coursework at UNCG as a VISIONS student (graduate level) and earn a 3.0 GPA in those 6 credit hours and be admitted to the B-K licensure only program provisionally - you will be fully admitted when you complete 3 more semester hours with a 3.0 GPA.

Do I need to take the Praxis I?
No. The Praxis I is not required for add-on licensure.

Do I need to take the Praxis II?
Yes. If you want to teach kindergarten you must take the Praxis II; Early Childhood Content test to be considered highly qualified to teach kindergarten. Take the Praxis II before or during student teaching so you may submit the paperwork to the state when you apply for licensure. You can find information about this test at the ETS website:

What if I do not plan to teach kindergarten?
You do not have to take the Praxis II to teach in a public school pre-K classroom, or in non-profit and private centers and schools. If you do decide to teach kindergarten, you may take the Praxis II after graduation at any time. You will be responsible for letting prospective employers know you have taken the Praxis II and providing evidence of this.

How do I apply for the B-K licensure-only program?
You must apply to the BK licensure only program through the Teacher’s Academy at UNCG. You do not apply through the UNCG Admissions Office. There is a $45 application fee. Applications process and forms available at:

What are the deadlines for applying to the B-K licensure only program?
To be admitted for the fall semester, you must apply by August 1; to be accepted for spring semester, you must apply by November 1; and to be accepted for summer semester the deadline is April 1.

How is my course work/Plan of Study determined?
When you apply, you will submit transcript(s) of undergraduate coursework and any courses taken at other institutions. Your transcript will be reviewed and your plan of study will be individualized, depending on prior coursework.

How long does it take to get my B-K licensure?
It will depend on your individual plan of study. There are 15 courses maximum, and then 3-6 credit hours of student teaching your last semester. Depending on how much credit you receive, you may have to take all the required courses or you may just need to take the four courses that include projects which are used as evidences in your Teaching Portfolio. The four courses are spread out over 3 semesters; 6 credit hours first semester (HDF/SES 341, HDF 440**); 3-6 credit hours of 460** second semester; HDF 470** in the final semester. You will have to meet with the B-K licensure only coordinator to determine that answer.
**see descriptions of courses with practicum hours at the end of the Q’s & A’s

Are the courses available online?
We are in the process of putting many of the HDF courses required online. There may be required courses in other departments that will still be offered on campus only. First priority for on-line courses will go to transfer students with an AAS degree who are part of our new online degree completion program; however, any remaining seats will be open to main campus student (including licensure students).

. Can I student teach where I work?
Students usually may not student teach where they will work. The only students who may student teach in their places of employment are those employed as More at Four or Head Start teachers, teacher’s assistants in the public school system, or those who have been hired as lateral entry teachers by a public school system. If you do not meet these one of these criteria then you will be placed in a public school classroom or in the lab school on campus.

How many hours does student teaching entail?
You will be placed in a classroom for 20 hours a week for 16 weeks (the entire semester).

May I take all my courses in summer school?
No. While there will be some courses available over the summer, any course with a practicum/lab will have to be taken fall or spring semester.

May I student teach over the summer?
No. All student teaching is done in the fall or spring semesters.

What is Taskstream?
Taskstream is the electronic portfolio program required of each student receiving licensure at UNCG. You will be required to purchase a Taskstream account to complete your electronic Teaching and technology portfolios.

How do I apply for my license once I complete the program?
Once you have completed the B-K licensure only program, you may apply for your license using the Undergraduate Licensure Application located at:

Practicum’s and Student Teaching Descriptions
There are 2- three credit hour practicum courses; HDF 340 and 440. Both of these courses involve a 6 hour a week practicum split into two 3 hour days. is the practicum is to be completed in an inclusive B-K classroom, and cannot be completed where you work. You may not be paid for practicum placements or be counted in the ratio of the classroom. Student Teaching (HDF 460) may be completed for 3 credit hours in your own classroom if you work in a More at Four, HeadStart or public school setting (preK or K). Seven courses of seminar attendance is required when students take 3 credit hours of student teaching. If you do not work in one of the above described classrooms, then you will take 6 credit hours and be placed in a classroom for 20 hours a week over the course of an entire semester. All students taking 6 credit hours will attend a weekly seminar. It is the program coordinator’s decision as to whether you will take HDF 460- for 3 or 6 credit hours. After completing student teaching, HDF 470 will follow. This course requires a 3-hour a week practicum to be completed in the classroom in which student teaching was completed. This course also requires a weekly seminar.

Birth-Kindergarten Licensure Only Coordinator: Stradley Smith, M Ed.--