HDFS Early Childhood Online Degree Completion Program

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HDFS Early Childhood Online Degree Completion Program

The Department of Human Development and Family Studies offers an undergraduate program leading to a BS in either:
  • Birth through Kindergarten Online Teacher Licensure (2Plus), U543

  • Early Care and Education Online (2Plus), U544

This program is intended for students who have completed an AAS degree at a Community College in North Carolina.

Programs of study in the department are interdisciplinary, requiring a synthesis of knowledge from the social and behavioral sciences, early childhood general education, and early childhood special education.

The HDFS online program is part of the 2-Plus program at UNCG. Concentrations include Birth through Kindergarten Licensure (U543) and Early Care and Education (U544).

The 2-Plus program is designed for students who have a two-year Associates degree from a participating North Carolina Community College. The mission of the 2-Plus program is to help community college graduates transfer to UNCG with advanced standing and pursue specific UNCG majors.

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