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   Learning Opportunities for Students

Dr. Leerkes has worked with over 30 undergraduate research assistants while at the University of Vermont and at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro .  Many of these students have gone on to graduate school or found the experience useful when looking for jobs.  There are many opportunities for undergraduate students to be involved in this project. 

Students majoring in HDFS, psychology, and other related fields may apply.  Students may have the opportunity to interact with families, learn about collecting and analyzing data, learn about interview, observation, and survey techniques, and the ethics of conducting research with families.  All students will undergo ethics training and sign confidentiality agreements before beginning. 

Students may work for course credit by enrolling in HDF 401: Special Problems in Human Development and Family Studies or in HDF 499: Supervised Professional Experience with instructor permission or may be employed in some instances for pay.

Interested students should email Dr. Leerkes at



Jennifer Butler presented her honors project based on data from the Infant Parent Project at the State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativitiy Symposium in November 2007. 



There are also opportunities for HDFS graduate students to be involved in this project.  Students may work with Dr. Leerkes as a Research Assistant or for course credit.  Course credit is available by enrolling in HDF 601: Directed Independent Study in Human Development

and Family Studies or in HDF 603: Research Lab Practicum in Human Development and Family Studies, both with instructor permission.