Selected Publications & Book Chapters

Selected Publications and Book Chapters:

Holleran-Streiker, L., Castro, F., Kumpfer, K., Marsiglia, F., Coard, S., & Hopson, L. (2008). A dialogue regarding cultural adaptations of interventions. Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions, 8, 1-10.

Coard, S., Foy-Watson, S., Zimmer, C., & Wallace, A. (2007). Considering culturally relevant parenting practices in intervention development and adaptation: A randomized control trial of the Black Parenting Strengths and Strategies (BPSS) Program. The Counseling Psychologist,35, 797-820.

Caldwell, M., Miller Brotman, L., Coard, S., Wallace, S., Stellabotte, D., & Calzada, E. (2005). Community Involvement in Adapting and Testing a Prevention Program for Preschoolers Living in Urban Communities: ParentCorps. Journal of Child and Family Studies 14(3), 373-386.

Coard, S. & Sellers, R. M.  (2005). African American families as a context for racial socialization. In V. McLoyd, N. Hill, and K. Dodge (Eds.), African American family life: ecological and cultural diversity (pp. 264-284). New York: Guildford Press.

Stevenson, H., Winn, D.M., Walker-Barnes, C. & Coard, S. (2005). Style Matters: Towards a culturally relevant framework for interventions with African American families. In V. McLoyd, N. Hill and K. Dodge (Eds.), Emerging Issues In African-American Family Life: Context, Adaptation, and Policy. New York: Guildford Press.

Coard, S., Wallace, S., Stevenson, H., & Miller Brotman, L. (2004). Towards culturally competent preventive interventions: The consideration of racial socialization in parent training with African American families. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 13 (3),277-293.

Miller Brotman, L, Klein, RG, Kamboukos, D, Brown, EJ, Coard, S., and Sosinsky, L. (2003). Preventive intervention for urban, low-income preschoolers at familial risk for conduct problems: A randomized pilot study. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 32 (2), 246-257.

Breland, A., Coleman H., Coard, S., & Steward, R. (2002). Differences among African American Jr. High students: The effects of skin tone on ethnic identity, self-esteem and cross-cultural behavior. Dimensions of Counseling: Research,Theory and Practice, 30 (1), 15-21.

Coard, S., Breland, A., & Raskin, P. (2001). Perceptions of and preferences for skin color, Black racial identity, and selfesteem among African Americans. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 31(11), 2256-2274.

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Manuscripts submitted/resubmitted

APA Task Force on Resilience and Strength in Black Children and Adolescence (submitted). Conceptualizing resilience and optimal development among African American children and adolescents.

Coard, S., McCoy, S., Pasamonte, K., & Herring, M. (resubmitted). Mirror mirror on the wall: Color consciousness among African American children and families and the importance of racial socialization

Coard, S. Stevenson, H., Harrell, S. P., Thomas, D., & Bentley K. (resubmitted). Validation of the Daily Life Experiences of Racism Stress Scale for Black Adolescents.

Stevenson, H. C., Harrell, S. P., Coard, S. I., Thomas, D., Bentley, K., & Davis, G. (resubmitted). Racial socialization experiences and perceived racism effects on adolescent psychological symptoms.

Stevenson, H. C., Harrell, S. P., Coard, S. I., Thomas, D., Bentley, K., & Davis, G. (resubmitted). Validating the multiple dimensions of perceived racism frequency for African American adolescents.


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