Human Development and Family Studies

Esther M. Leerkes, Ph.D.

Selected Recent Peer Reviewed Publications

Perry, N., Nelson, J., Swingler, M., Leerkes, E.M., Calkins, S.D., O’Brien, M., & Marcovitch, S. (2012).  The relation between maternal sensitivity and child physiological regulation across the preschool years.  Developmental Psychobiology, 54, 503-513.

Leerkes, E.M. & Wong, M.S (2012).  Infant distress and regulatory behaviors vary
as a function of attachment security regardless of emotion context and maternal involvement. Infancy, 17, 455-478.

Leerkes, E.M., Weaver, J.M., & O’Brien, M. (2012).  Differentiating maternal
sensitivity to infant distress and non-distress cues. Parenting: Science & Practice, 12, 175-184. 

Nelson, J., Leerkes, E.M., O’Brien, M., Calkins, S.D., & Marcovitch, S. (2012).  African
American and European American mothers’ beliefs about negative emotions and emotion
socialization practices.  Parenting: Science & Practice, 12, 22-41.

Blankson, A.N., O’Brien, M., Leerkes, E.M., Calkins, S.D., & Marcovitch, S. (2012).
Differentiating  processes of control and understanding in the early development of emotion and cognition. Social Development, 21, 1-20.

Leerkes, E. M. (2011).  Maternal sensitivity during distressing tasks: A unique predictor
of attachment security.  Infant Behavior & Development,34,443-446.

Parade, S. H. & Leerkes, E.M. (2011).  Marital aggression predicts infant orienting toward mother at six months. Infant Behavior & Development, 34, 235-238.

Leerkes, E.M., Parade, S.H., & Gudmundson, J. (2011).  Mothers’ emotional reactions to
crying pose risk for subsequent attachment insecurity.  Journal of Family Psychology.  Special section on parenting at risk, 25, 158-166.

Leerkes, E.M., Blankson, A.N., O’Brien, M., Calkins, S.D., & Marcovitch, S. (2011). 
The relation of maternal emotional and cognitive support during problem solving
to pre-academic skills in preschoolers.  Infant and Child Development, 20, 353-370.

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beliefs about infant crying.  Applied Developmental Psychology, 31, 467-474.

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Leerkes, E.M., Blankson, A.N., & O’Brien, M. (2009).  Differential effects of sensitivity to
infant distress and non-distress on social-emotional functioning. Child Development, 80, 762-775.

Selected Recent Invited Chapters

Crockenberg, S.C. & Leerkes, E.M. (2011). Parenting infants. In D.W. Davis & M.C. Logsdon
(Eds.). Maternal sensitivity: A scientific foundation for practice (pp. 125-143). Hauppauge, NY:
Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

Calkins, S.D. & Leerkes, E.M. (2011). Early attachment processes and the development of
emotional self-regulation.  In K.D. Vohs & R.F. Baumeister (Eds), Handbook of self-regulation: Research, theory and applications, 2nd ed. (pp. 355-373)New York: Guilford.