Human Development and Family Studies

Andy Supple, Ph.D.

Selected Recent Publications


Helms, H.M., Supple, A.J. & Proulx, C. (in press). Mexican origin couples in the early years of parenthood: Marital well-being in ecological context. Journal of Family Theory & Review.

Supple, A.J., McCoy, S.Z., & Wang, Y.C. (2010). Parental influences on Hmong University Students’ Success. Hmong Studies Journal, 11, 1-37.

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Supple, A.J. & Plunkett, S.W. (2010). Dimensionality and validity of the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale for use with Latino adolescents. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences. Online first. doi: 10.1177/0739986310387275
Supple, A.J., Ghazarian, S.G., Peterson, G.W., & Bush, K.R. (2009). Assessing the cross-cultural validity of a parental autonomy granting measure: Comparing adolescents in the U.S., China, Mexico and India. Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology, 5, 816-833.

Ghazarian, S.G., Supple, A.J., & Plunkett (2008). Familism as a predictor of parent–adolescent relationships and developmental outcomes for adolescents in Armenian American immigrant families. Journal of Child & Family Studies, 17, 599-613.