Human Development and Family Studies

Teaching Faculty

ALDRIDGE, KATHRYN (M.Ed., the University of North Carolina at Greensboro) Assistant Professor and Director of the Online Birth through Kindergarten Degree Completion Program

ANASTOPOULOS, ARTHUR D (Ph.D., Purdue University) Professor and Director of the UNCG ADHD Clinic: Child and adolescent psychopathology; assessment and treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

BAILEY, HARRIETTE (Ph.D., The University of North Carolina at Greensboro) Assistant Professor and Birth through Kindergarten Program Coordinator: Early childhood development, early intervention, family involvement in early care and education.

BOIT, RACHEL (Ed. D., University of Massachusetts at Amherst) Assistant Professor: Early literacy development among children in low income communities; Parent involvement especially as it pertains to children’s literacy and school success; home-school partnerships; Teacher-Child relationships in cross-cultural contexts

BUEHLER, CHERYL (Ph.D., University of Minnesota) Professor: Marital conflict, marital relations, parenting, adolescent well-being, race/ethnicity.

BULLS, JOI W. (Ph.D., Florida State University)Assistant Professor, Director of Internship Program, and Associate Chair: Student success through career/professional development, work and family issues especially how they pertain to minority women, family relationships.

CALKINS, SUSAN (Ph.D., University of Maryland) Bank of America Excellence Professor: Social and emotional development, self-regulation; developmental psychopathology, developmental psychophysiology.

COARD, STEPHANIE IRBY (Ph.D., Columbia University) Associate Professor: Socio-cultural influences on child mental health; racial/ethnic socialization processes, racial/ethnic identity development; culturally relevant approaches to intervention development, implementation and evaluation.

CROSBY, DANIELLE (Ph.D, University of Texas-Austin) Associate Professor; Research Interests: Effects of welfare and employment policies on young children in low-income families; negotiation of work/family demands in single-mother, ethnic minority, and immigrant families; relation of child care experiences to early school success; young children’s conceptions of economic inequality.

DEMO, DAVID H. (Ph.D., Cornell University) Associate Dean for Academic Administration and Professor: Family transitions, family relationships, and children's well-being; family diversity; parent -child interaction.

FINE, MARK A.. (Ph.D, Ohio State University) Professor and Department Chair: Effects of family transitions on family members; early childhood development; family structure; divorce; early intervention; effects of alternative reproductive technologies on family members.

FLETCHER, ANNE C. (Ph.D., Temple University) Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies: Parental-Child Relationships During Adolescence, Physiological Reactivity to Stress during Adolescence. 

HELMS, HEATHER M. (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University) Associate Professor: Marital quality including the links between marital and family processes, work and family relationships, friendship and marriage, and sociocultural context and marital relationships.

HESTENES, LINDA L. (Ph.D., Purdue University) Associate Professor; Research interests: Measuring quality in child care programs - indoors and outdoors, the impact of outdoor quality on young children's behavior and development, early childhood teacher preparation, high quality inclusive environments for young children, teacher-child interactions.

HUNTER, ANDREA G. (Ph.D., Cornell University) Associate Professor: African American families; family diversity and social networks, intergenerational relationships and multigenerational family systems; gender studies; family history; the life course and social change.

LAPARO, KAREN (Ph.D., University of New Orleans) Associate Professor and Director of Birth through Kindergarten Program: Research interests: Assessing the quality of early childhood classrooms; the development of effective teachers; the relationship between practicum students and cooperating students, teacher language use in the classroom as it relates to CLASS dimensions, teacher beliefs and attitudes and change over time.  

LEERKES, ESTHER (Ph.D., University of Vermont) Professor and Director of Graduate Studies: Parent-child relationships, psychobiological predictors of maternal sensitivity, social-emotional development.

MILLS-KOONCE, ROGER (Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Associate Professor: Parenting and parent-child relationships; developmental psychobiology; early onset conduct problems; diverse family systems, including families with LGBT parents or children

MIMS, SHARON. (Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Greensboro). Academic Professional Associate Professor. Director of UNCG Childcare Education Program. Co-Director, NC Rated License Assessment Project.

MORGAN, MARY Y. (PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia) Associate Professor: Women's everyday lived experiences using feminist theory and research methodologies, particularly photovoice and interpretive inquiry.

PERLMAN, DAN (Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University) Professor: Intimate relationships and friendships including initiation, maintenance, and termination; the dark side of relationships; loneliness.

SCOTT-LITTLE, CATHERINE (Ph.D., University of Maryland) Professor & Co-Director of the BK Graduate Online Program: Early learning standards and early childhood assessment systems, assessment of young Dual Language Learners, and professional development for early childhood educators.

SHREENIWAS, SUDHA (Ph.D., University of Michigan) Associate Professor: Well being and health over the life course in Asia and the US; ethnicity, culture and health among elderly persons worldwide; socioeconomic development and gender bias; gender and violence in Asia and the US.

SMITH, G. STRADLEY. (M.Ed., the University of North Carolina at Greensboro) Academic Professional Instructor and Coordinator of Student Teaching.

SUPPLE, ANDREW J. (Ph.D., The University of Wisconsin, Madison) Associate Professor: Youth and adolescent development, parent-child relationships; cultural variations; research methods and program evaluation.

TUDGE, JONATHAN (Ph.D., Cornell University) Professor: The development of gratitude and the decline of materialist values; ecological and socio-cultural theory; children's development in ethnic, social, and cross-cultural contexts; links between the home, preschool, and school.