Human Development and Family Studies

Beka Pierro, M.S.

Program:  MS/PhD
Education:1998, University of Alabama, MS in Geology, 1995, Bryn Mawr College, BS in Geology
Advisor: Dr. Linda Hestenes
Career Plans: Science Education curriculum in Pre-K and science education research for preschool education
Research Interests: My research interests are centered on the instruction of young children (3- to 5-year-olds) in both science and math. I am currently investigating in how teachers rate their knowledge of standards, beliefs of teaching skills, level of self-efficacy, and frequency of activities in the subjects of science and math in prekindergarten and kindergarten classrooms. This includes teachers’ incorporation of Early Learning Standards, and Common Core and Essential Standards in science and math for both prekindergarten and kindergarten students, respectively.
Current Projects: Working with a small group of students from our department, I have also cultivated an interest in measurements of quality in infant and toddler classrooms in North Carolina. We have completed data analysis associated with the age and auspice of child development programs in our state, and are excited to share our results to a wider audience.

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