Human Development and Family Studies

Financial Aid

Teaching and research assistantships are usually available within the department for qualified graduate students. Outstanding students are eligible for scholarships and fellowships through the School and University. Presently, most full-time graduate students in the Department are supported.

Tuition and Fees :

As of Spring 2010, for North Carolina graduate students taking 6 hours (which is considered full-time), in-state tuition and fees total $1496 per semester. Out-of-state and international graduate students taking 6 hours pay $5801 in tuition and fees per semester. A limited number of in-state and out-of-state tuition waivers are available.

PLEASE NOTE that out of state tuition waivers cover only the difference between out of state and in state tuition. If you are granted an out of state tuition waiver ONLY, you will still be responsible for paying in-state tuition.

****Click here for the full tuition and fee schedule from the Cashier's Office*****.

Please note that if you receive financial aid, you must fulfill the Graduate School's immunization requirements by August 1st, or your class registration may be canceled! For more information, contact Student Health Services at 336.334.5340.

Click here for information about qualifying for in state residency for tuition purposes.