Human Development and Family Studies

HDFS Newsletter 2-28-13
S. Yvette Murphy-Erby Recipient of the HDFS-HHS Pacesetter Award

Dr. Murphy-Erby, a 2004 HDFS PhD, received the George and Beatrice Goldman Dissertation of the Year Award for her UNCG doctoral thesis on African American grandmothers as caregivers for their grandchildren.  She is currently Director of the School of Social Work at the University of Arkansas. Having received over ten million dollars in grants, the focus of her work has been to empower and promote positive outcomes for marginalized children and families by (1) giving voice to their experiences, (2) critiquing and evaluating the policies, programs, and practices that influence their lives, and (3) contributing to the training and community‐based efforts of those who work with marginalized populations. The HDFS-HHS Pacesetter award honors outstanding alumni in the School who have attained local, state or regional recognition through their achievements in scholarship, leadership or service, during their career or through civic involvement.