Human Development and Family Studies

HDFS Newsletter 5-21-13


Carlos Bello: HDFS’ Outstanding Senior

Carlos joined us at UNCG as a transfer student. He has excelled academically at UNCG, graduating with a GPA of 3.93 and impressing all our faculty with his intelligence, enthusiasm, value for education, work ethic, and role as a student leader within our department. In addition to his outstanding educational accomplishments, Carlos has distinguished himself through his work as an undergraduate Research Assistant working under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Tudge on a project designed to understand the development of gratitude within a diverse sample of middle school students. Carlos was selected to represent UNCG at the National Center for Student Leadership conference in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011 and completed the bronze level of the Leadership Challenge training program at UNCG that same year. We are proud to say that he will remain a part of the UNCG family next year as he pursues a Masters in College Counseling and Student Development in the Department of Counseling and Educational Development. Carlos is an exceptional student who truly deserves recognition as the HDFS Outstanding Senior for 2013.

Analisa Laws: Outstanding Intern

This year’s recipient of the Outstanding Intern Award is Analisa Laws. Analisa completed 300 contact hours at Sedgefield Elementary School in the Guidance Counselor’s office. During her time, Analisa conducted career focused lesson plans, made various home visits to students who were in need, and created a workbook for teachers to utilize when teaching the Positive Behavior Interventions and Support program. Her site supervisor stated that Analisa was an exceptional intern and demonstrated quality performance across all areas. Analisa was scheduled to arrive daily at her internship at 7:15 am but always arrived at 6:45 am! For her part, Analisa stated “The students I have interacted with day to day have such a motivation to achieve educationally regardless of their obstacles. They have instilled in me to continue to get my education and become a counselor so that I may help students just like them one day.” Congratulations Analisa!

Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients

Through the generosity of donors to the Department, ten students received financial scholarship awards totaling over $24,000. The recipients were: Barbara Cooke, Paulette Duggins, Chantel Edwards, Alexus Gordon, Joseline Kirkendoll, Melanie Maldonado, Maribel Rivera, Grace Shaughnessy, Brenda VanKoughnett, and Keziah Zeigler.


Heather Moore: Outstanding Student Teacher Award

Heather Moore began the BK program part-time in Fall 2010. Heather has always been a student of exemplary quality; she is bright, innovative and most of all, very caring. She has a deep commitment to serving children and families. All of these characteristics make her a wonderful person, and will make her an exemplary teacher of young children. Heather completed her student teaching in a combined kindergarten-first grade classroom at Peeler Elementary, where she made a difference in the classroom right from the start of the semester. She was an adult the children could depend on as well as a source of new ideas for her cooperating teacher. Heather is also ambitious. She is planning to start a charter elementary school for children in the Greensboro area, one that will combine children’s learning goals, developmental needs, and state curriculum with hands-on experiences that will stimulate children’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. For all of these reasons, and more too numerous to list, we are proud of our outstanding student teacher of the year, Heather Moore.

Three Outstanding Graduate Students

Typically HDFS selects one outstanding graduate student but this year faculty judged that three doctoral students deserved this honor.

Bethany Blair completed her doctoral degree this year. The title of her doctoral research was “A Dyadic Approach to the Influence of Mothers on the Quality of Adolescents’ Friendships” and her advisor was Dr. Anne Fletcher. Bethany won the 2011 Vira Kivett award for the outstanding published research paper for her work entitled “The only 13-year-old on Planet Earth without a cell phone: Meanings of cell phones in early adolescents’ everyday lives.” This was published in the Journal of Adolescent Research. In addition to her co-authorships on three additional journal publications, Bethany received a Fulbright scholarship to study and conduct research in Finland for a year while she was in the doctoral program.

Christine Maynard also completed her doctoral degree this year. The title of her doctoral research was “Teacher–Child Interpersonal Dynamics: A Closer Look at the Classroom Experience.” Her advisor was Dr. Karen La Paro. Christine has published her research on teachers’ roles in young children’s sensory play and emotional development in a 1st-authored paper in the Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal and has co-authored additional published work on the use of video review procedures in teaching and training upcoming teachers of young children. Christine was also the recipient of the 2012-2013 Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award given by the School of Health and Human Sciences.

Nicole Perry completed her doctoral degree this year. The title of her doctoral research was “Maternal Sensitivity and Physiological Processes as Predictors of Infant Emotion Regulation and Reactivity.” Nicole received the 2013 Vira R. Kivett Outstanding Graduate Publication Award. Her advisor was Dr. Susan Calkins. Nicole spent this last year as a predoctoral fellow in the Center for Developmental Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has had extensive research experience and accomplishments that include publishing two first-authored papers in Developmental Psychobiology. In addition to co-authoring another paper published Social Development, she currently is revising three additional manuscripts in which journals have shown strong interest in publishing.