Human Development and Family Studies

HDFS Newsletter 5-21-13


HDFS faculty members are very proud of the accomplishments of our graduate students during 2012-13. In previous issues of Family Matters, we have featured five students who received PhDs and announced several student awards. Five additional students completed their masters degrees: Amy Johnson, Meagan Mathews, Natalie Hengstebeck, Liz King, and Bridget Weymouth. Listed below is a further sampling of student accomplishments.

Presentations/Publications (based on 26 students' reporting)

· Students co-authored 12 manuscripts accepted for publication

· Students had 15 manuscripts being reviewed for possible journal publication

· 2 students are co-authors on "in press" book chapters

· 2 students wrote or co-created a grant proposal

· Kamilah Legette completed a MSc thesis equivalency project and has been accepted to the Graduate School’s Preparing Future Faculty Professionals program.

Students were actively involvedin professional meetingsand experiences:

· 5 students went to the Annual Meeting of the National Council on Family Relations

· 17 studentswent to Society for Researchon Child Development Biennial meeting

· 4 students went to Quint State Graduate Student Conference at Auburn University

· 13 studentspresented at the UNCG Spring Research EXPO

· 8 studentsattended the weekendROOTS retreat focusedon leadership in diversity and inclusion

· 5 studentspresented at other professional conferences (e.g., NAEYC, APA, IARP).