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Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Courses

  • HHS 110 Briding Differences through Community Relationships: Health and Human Sciences
    Expanding experience of race, gender, ethnicity, social class, and/or other identities through developing relationships in community settings related to health and human sciences.

  • HHS 125 Personal and Academic Success in Health and Human Sciences
    Develop essential knowledge and skills to enhance personal and academic success, with emphasis on self-awareness, self-management, interdependence, and self-responsibility

  • HHS 126 Design Your Life, Part II: Create Your Own Adventure
    Engage in deep purpose/vision exploration, create "projects" based on purpose, vision, meaningful work, and goals/dreams, contruct life experiences for the future, and participate in community service project

  • HHS 130 Meditation for Life
    Learn the skills and techniques to incorporate a variety of meditations (i.e. breathing, sitting, walking, loving kindness, silent, etc.) as a part of daily life

  • HHS 250 Spirituality and Entrepreneurship
    Engage in a variety of self-awareness and mindfulness activities (including purpose and vision work) in order to develop an entrepreneurial mindset to create meaningful self-employment opportunities