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A podcast is a series of audio or video files to which users can subscribe. The subscription feature is what differentiates a podcast from other web-accessible audio or video files. Really Simple Syndication ( RSS) provides the subscription capability. When a user subscribes s/he does so through a service. Google Reader, iTunes, and browsers' live bookmarks are examples of these services.

To find existing podcasts, see the free resources page.

This section describes a variety of options for instructors and students who wish to create and post podcasts.
(For additional podcasting software, see Podcasting software.

  • Blackboard is good for podcasts in courses provided by instructors. It does require that the instructor create the podcast elsewhere.
  • Podomatic or Jing are online podcasting tools that enable you to create and post. They also provide subscription services.
    Be aware that there may be FERPA issues involved if students post to websites not controlled by UNCG.
  • Build your own podcasting service. See your HHS ITC.

Small Business Podcasting Kit (pdf; just 9 large-print pages of reading with links) - a nice introduction to requirements of podcasting.

See Podcasting for Pedagogical Purposes, a podsite "for the use of the PPP SIG - a UK HEA initiative which aims to explore the use of podcasts in higher education." Scroll down to view multiple podcasts directly related to teaching and learning.

Tool Pros Cons

-provides subscription service
-handles multiple file formats
-access limited to those enrolled in the course so no FERPA issues.

-podcasts must be created in another software
-instructor must post student podcasts (could do without subscription and have students post to the discussion board, blog, or wiki.)

-supports creation, hosting, and subscription
-easy to do

-FERPA issues - requires students' written consent.
-better quality when podcast is created with other software and then uploaded to Podomatic.
-no way to make the podcast private; can always be found by searching Podomatic.
Jing Project -supports creation, hosting, and subscription (on - publically available.)
-easy to do
-could be used to narrate PowerPoints and output as Flash.
-FERPA issues - requires students' written consent.
(can be posted privately to Blackboard with help from an HHS ITC.)
-software not approved for use on UNCG computers.
Build your own -can control creation, hosting, look and feel, access.
-can use Poderator to create and update the RSS file when you add a new podcast.

-requires space to store the podcasts and the RSS file.
-more involved process.
-see your HHS ITC.


Page updated: 28-Sep-2011

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