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This section includes ommunication methods through multiple media: voice, text, and other media.

Asynchronous options

Blackboard Discussion Board

Blackboard Blog Tool

Blackboard Wiki Tool (could be used as an asynchronous discussion tool)

Google Docs (asynchronous collaboration via UNCG's Google Apps)

Synchronous options


Blackboard Chat/Virtual Classroom

Skype (not approved for use on university computers)


Etherpad (web-based real-time co-editing web-based tool - FERPA issues could apply - users can remain anonymous)


Blackboard Groups

Ning (web-based tool - FERPA issues apply)

Google Groups (not available via UNCG's Google Apps so FERPA issues apply)

Google Sites (available via UNCG's Google Apps) - see under Presentation.


Page updated: 28-Sep-2011

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