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Online Course Planning

Delivery of online courses requires a good deal of upfront planning. Often, the class does not meet synchronously and when it does, time is precious. It is much more efficient to anticipate issues and deal with them in the online course rather than taking time during a synchronous session or writing yet another announcement or email to clarify things.

Here is a collection of brief tipsheets to help you with this planning.

Pre-Planning for Fully Online Instruction - pdf format (Bob King)
In a traditional face-to-face class, students and instructors understand many course procedures (e.g. where to come, bring something to write with, go to the bookstore and buy the text). In the online classroom, this is less clear. Often students must be given information before the class in order to be prepared for the first day.

Online Course Information Tipsheet This tipsheet contains some of the same information but is organized in terms of syllabus and course beginning.

Online Course Practical Tips
This tipsheet contains hints categorized by the following categories: general, Bb course site, course administration, course content, discussion, assignments/assessments.

Online Lessons Tipsheet
In the online environment, lesson content must be presented entirely in digital form or via mailed print coursepaks since you will not see students face to face. Also, since this is a new environment, it is necessary to tell students where to go to do something (in Blackboard), how to do it (technical instructions), as well as by when (time and date deadlines). This tipsheet lists components of online lesson sections.


Page updated: 28-Sep-2011

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