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UNCG Software

UNCG provides software to the UNCG community. When logged into Novel, browse though available applications in the folder that appears on your desktop: UNCG Applications/UNCG Tree/UNCG Client Community

Some software has a limited number of licenses, and requires that the KeyServer Client is installed on your machine (to control the number of licenses). Before installing software from the network, download and Install the KeyServer Client (also found in UNCG Applications/UNCG Tree/UNCG Client Community). Note that software with a controlled license can only be used while connected to the UNCG network (wireless, wired, or via VPN).

Examples of available software:

  • MS Office (Windows and Mac).
  • Adobe products - Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Acrobat etc.(Windows and Mac).
  • SPSS (statistical analysis ) / SAS* / Nud!st* /AtlasTI* (call 6-TECH at 336.256.8324 to run this software).
  • Elluminate: web conferencing software. Contact Scott Brewster in the Division of Continual Learning to set up this software.
    See tutorials and user guides at Elluminate website documentation page.
  • Inspiration (a concept mapping tool) is loaded on the HHS laptop cart computers. This Inspiration Overview explains how to obtain and get started. Here is an example .
  • MS OneNote. See MS OneNote Overview.
  • End Note is a bibliographic software that integrates with Microsoft Word and with many library databases. You can create libraries of citations, convert them to various reference and citation formats, and embed them in your manuscript both as citations and reference lists at the end of a document. End Note training documents.

Note to Mac users:

  • Mac users may have to call 6-TECH (336.256.8324) to have software installed on their office computers and/or laptops.
  • To browse available Mac Software : On your Mac - Open Finder > Go > Connect to Server
    Type in: at afp://macpublic
Software intended for academic use can also be purchased.

Free Software for Download

A number of useful products can be downloaded for free.

UNCG University Counsel requires that even free software is approved for use at UNCG. See University Counsel Click-Wrap Agreements and the list of approved software and licenses GPL, LGPL, and Creative Commons licensing is approved; however, check the licence before installing.
(Even if the software is not approved for UNCG computers, you can install these products on your personal laptops or computers.)

  • Audacity (GPL) for editing, creating., converting audio files. See the Audacity Overview and Download Audacity handouts.
  • Skype for Internet telephony, i.e., for making calls from one computer to another computer over the Internet. Can also call computer to landline (cheaply, not free). Skype supports audio, video, text chat and conference calls.
  • MW snap See Download MW Snap and Capture Images with MW Snap. (on a Mac use pre installed "Grab").
  • Sreamclip for Mac (for converting video between formats)
  • Super for Windows (for converting video between formats)
  • Timeline Creator to create a timeline with a main and subbands. The Download Timeline Creator handout explains how to get the software as well as how to install the other necessary free plugins. Create Timeline explains how to configure the interface, create events and detail pages, as well as how to save, modify, and view. Here is a handout with instructions for students and instructors to Post Timelines to Blackboard Courses.
  • Quandary lets you to create tutorials using linked decision points. It is useful for creating branched tutorials for self-assessment ( trial version limits number of decision points). Full version of Quandary is installed on HHS laptop cart computers. See Quandary site for ideas. Two further examples: Online Learning Survey and Assets and Transactions Example. If interested, please contact the HHS ITC.

Web Based Software

  • Tag Crowd - is a free web application for visualizing word frequencies in any user-supplied text by creating what is popularly known as a tag cloud. . For more, see Tag Crowd's About page.
  • The Internet Archive
  • Tiny URL website lets you to enter a long URL and receive with a short URL that is easy to remember and communicate via phone or email.
  • SurveyMonkey Overview (not free)

Page updated: 28-Sep-2011

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