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Classroom Management Resources

First Day of Class Resources
Includes URLs to articles by some of the best known faculty developers in the field, a URL to a site on icebreakers, and URLs to sites on strategies for learning names.

Tips on Classroom Management from HHS Faculty

Ethos and Pedagogical Communication: Suggestions for Enhancing Credibility in the Classroom
by William A. Haskins
McKendree College
This web article is about 3 pages. While it is somewhat K12 oriented, it contains some very helpful information on how instructors can present themselves positively in the classroom.

Forty Successes
By William Watson Purkey and John M. Novak
Inviting School Success, Wadworth, 1984
See in particular, the first two sets - verbal comments and personal behaviors.

Replacing weak language with strong: transforming your teaching persona.
(This article was available at: . Hopefully, it will return.)
Joan Middendorf and Steven Yandell
National Teaching and Learning Forum, Volume 11 Number 5.

What Students Say

What Undergraduates Say are the Most Irritating Faculty Behaviors (one-paged pdf with a list)

MSU Teaching Thoughts #22: Faculty Behaving Badly (3-paged pdf; p. 2 contains a nice bulleted list)

Good Teachers & Good Teaching: Nine Key Characteristics that Faculty and Students Agree On

  • Knowledge of the Subject/Discipline
  • Course Preparation & Organization
  • Clarity and Understanding
  • Enthusiasm for Subject/Teaching
  • Sensitivity to and Concern with Students' Level and Learning Progress
  • Availability and Helpfulness
  • Quality of Examinations
  • Impartiality in Evaluating Students
  • Overall Fairness to Students

Extracted by Linda Nilson from Feldman, K.A. Effective college teaching from students' and faculty's view: matched or mis-matched priorities? Research in Higher Education, 1988, 28(4), 291-344.

Conflict in the Classroom

Managing Hot Moments in the Classroom
by Derek Bok
Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University
This brief document gives some great tips for coping with conflict in the classroom. It starts with a real-life example.

MSU Thoughts on Teaching #7: Handling Classroom Conflict
This is another brief document dealing with conflict - particularly grade conflicts. (pdf)


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