The Susan Stout Graduate Research Fellowship

The Stout Graduate Student Research Fellowship is intended to promote and support research of exceptional quality, conceived and conducted by graduate students enrolled in the masters or doctoral programs in the Department Kinesiology (formerly the Department of Exercise and Sport Science).

The number of Awards and their specific amounts is determined by the faculty of the Department of Kinesiology. See the Graduate Secretary for specific details.


Mrs. Stout established the Susan Stout Memorial Scholarship Fund in 1963 in memory of her daughter who received a B.S. degree in Physical Education in 1958. Originally, the award was made annually to a rising senior major in Physical Education (now Kinesiology--formerly Exercise and Sport Science) who demonstrated academic excellence, leadership and service. This fund, because of its dramatic growth over the years, and the generosity of Susan's classmates, alumni and friends now supports both undergraduate and graduate students from all departments in the School of Health and Human Performance.

Susan Stout

Susan C. Stout graduated from the Women's College (now UNCG) with a B.S. in Physical Education in 1958. Throughout her college career, Susan was an academically strong student and held many student leadership and service positions. She was a graduate student at The University of Illinois studying psychology at the time of her death.


All graduate students in good academic standing who are enrolled in a masters or doctoral program are eligible. Students admitted under provisional status are not eligible until the conditions specified at admission have been satisfied.

Students must write a one-page description of the research or activities planned for the summer. The proposal should contain the following components with clear headings for each section:

  • Goal(s) of the research or other scholarly activity
  • Methods planned to achieve the stated goal(s)
  • Evidence that will validate achievement of goal(s). This evidence should be presented to the faculty supervisor at the end of the summer.

How to apply:

The same application process will be followed as in applying for a summer assistantship and requires both the one-page description mentioned above, Summer Assistantship Nomination form and the ESS Supplementary Cover Page. Application information, guidelines and forms can be found in the ESS Graduate Program Organization in Blackboard. Once in Blackboard select Funding/Assistantship Opportunities, next select Assistantship Opportunities. The call for applications for this award will go out around mid-late November each year with the deadline for applications sometime in January.