KIN Doctoral Dissertation Completion Award

Purpose of Award

To provide financial support to a doctoral student in the Department of KIN while completing the dissertation


  • Doctoral students in KIN specializing in physical education teacher education.
  • Have an approved dissertation proposal.


This Award was established by five graduates of the Department of Kinesiology (formerly Exercise and Sport Science) known for their outstanding teaching/administrative careers in University and Public School settings (Pamela Allison, B.S. 1969, Ed.D. 1984; Rick Bell, Ed.D. 1987, Jane Irwin Brumbaugh, Ed.D. 1987, Becky Waddail Pissanos, Ed.D. 1989 and Miriam N. Satern, Ed.D. 1986). They are known to themselves as the GGGers, the Greensboro Graduate Group. This award is in honor of the friendship they developed during their time at UNCG. Coming from diverse backgrounds and being immersed in the graduate experience, they created a strong sense of community and support for one another that enabled them to succeed. They wish for each doctoral student a network of friends who embody such a mix of persona and professional identities. Though the GGGers cannot provide friends, they can provide financial support, and do so in an effort to help present-day students succeed.

A complete application must include:

  • Signed copy of the Dissertation Topic Approval page
  • Current transcript (from UNCGenie)
  • Resume/CV limited to 3 pages with a focus on pre-doctoral research
Contact the Director of Graduate Study in the Department of Kinesiology for details.