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MA Careers and Accomplishments

This page is always in progress. Please send news of new jobs, awards, fellowships, publications, and admissions to other graduate programs to Laurie O'Neill at lponeill@uncg.edu. We will include your news on this page and in the fall department newsletter. Thanks!

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Jennifer Scism Ash, M.A. 2008: Instructor, Bennett College; as of 2013 a Ph.D. student at University of Illinois, Chicago

Elizabeth (Ebie) Baker, M.A. 2013: Director of Education & Outreach for the Historic Polegreen Church Foundation, Mechanicsville, Virginia.

Katie Bates, M.A. 2011: Curator, Town of Windsor Museum, Colorado.

Lisa Berg, M.A. 2010: Historic Sites Supervisor, Kansas Historical Society

Douglas Bristol, M.A. 1992: Associate Professor of History, University of Southern Mississippi

Becky Byron, M.A. 2011: Financial and Events Administrator for 'Feminist Economics' academic journal at Rice University, Houston, Texas.

Morena Carter, M.A. 2005: Attorney, Jackson Lewis, Cleveland, Ohio.

Hayley Chambers, M.A. 2008: Curator of Collections and Exhibits at the Sitka Historical Society and Museum, Sitka, Alaska

Colleen Edge Collett, M.A. 2010: Associate Director, Tennessee Preservation Trust; Architectural Historian, Thomason & Associates

Kelli Landing Crawford, M.A. 2012: Volunteer Coordinator and Curator of Collections, Natural Science Center of Greensboro

Kevin Crowder, M.A. 2004: Instructor, Guilford Technical Community College, UNCG

Dustin Cranford, M.A. 2011: Instructor, Guilford Technical Community College, UNCG

Emmanuel Dabney, M.A. 2010: Interpretive Park Ranger at Petersburg National Battlefield

Chris Davis, M.A. 2006: Grant Specialist, The Office of Sponsored Programs, UNCG

Donna Donald, M.A. 2002: Assistant Professor, Liberty University

Mary Early, M.A. 1995: Director, Enrolled Student Services, UNCG Graduate School

Miriam Farris, M.A. 2010: Museum Specialist, Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site, Flat Rock, NC

Brandie Fields, M.A. 2011: Executive Director, Orange County Historical Museum, Hillsborough, NC

Dalila Goulart, M.A. 2007: Education and Visitor Services Manager, Rhode Island Historical Society

Blanche Hailey, M.A. 2011: Adjunct Instructor, Davidson County Community College and Forsyth Technical Community College; Curator, Eden Historical Museum, Eden, NC

David Herr, M.A. 1994: Chair, Liberal and Creative Arts Department, Associate Professor of History, St. Andrews University, Laurinburg, NC

Pippa Holloway, M.A. 1994: Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of History, Middle Tennessee State University

Christopher Jacobson, M.A. 2009: Testing Center Manager/Instructor, Frederick Community College

Chris Jordan, M.A. 2012: Director of Public Programming at the New Winston Museum, Winston Salem, NC

Stacie Keevil, M.A. 2011: Associate Editor, Pearson Education, Indianapolis

Stephanie Krysiak, M.A. 2012: Fundraising Coordinator for the New Mexico chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association

Laura Lawfer, M.A. 2008: Special Events Coordinator/Educator, Hampton Roads Naval Museum, VA

Felicia Lowrance, M.A. 2012: Education Coordinator, The National D-Day Memorial, Bedford, VA

Laura Glass Malloy, M.A. 2013: Historian/Librarian, Special Warfare Center and School, USAJFK Marquat Memorial Learning Resource Center

Alaina McKee, M.A. 2012: Education Coordinator at The History Museum of Western Virginia, Roanoke, VA

Freebird McKinney, M.A. student: Social Studies Teacher, Grimsley High School

Sarah McNulty, M.A. 2011: Director of Programs and Marketing at the Surry Arts Council in Mount Airy, NC

Warren Milteer, M.A. 2010: Assistant Professor of History at Virginia Tech University

Ethan Moore, M.A. 2010: Coordinator of Elon University's art collections and instructor in art and art history; as of 2013 a Ph.D. student at UNCG

Michelle Palmore, M.A. 2010: Site Manager at Catawba County (NC) Historical Association

Dale Pennington, M.A. 2011: Executive Director, Korners' Folly Historic House, Kernersville, NC

Kim Proctor, M.A. 2011: Executive Director Rockingham County (NC) Historical Society Museum & Archives

Crystal Rayle, M.A. 2010: Instructor, Guilford Technical Community College

Joseph Ross, M.A. 2007: Instructor, North Carolina A&T University; Lecturer, UNCG; as of 2013 a Ph.D. student at UNCG

Caitlin Saraphis, M.A. 2009: Assistant Director, College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center, UNCG

David Seidel, M.A. 2011: Teacher and Department Chair of the Social Studies Department, Bishop McGuinness High School

Sarah Shurts, M.A. 2002: Assistant Professor, Bergen Community College

Marianne Pace Taylhardat, M.A. 2013: Social Studies Teacher, Guilford County Schools

Jason Turner, M.A. 2002: History/Social Studies Teacher, Rockingham County Schools

Amber Williams, M.A. 2013: Guest Relations Specialist, Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, TN

Samantha Winer, M.A., 2012: Collections Manager at Alaska Museum of Science and Nature, Anchorage, AK

Admission to Other Ph.D. Programs

Rebecca Adams, M.A. 2013: George Mason University

Jennifer Scism Ash, M.A. 2008: University of Illinois at Chicago

Jeff Benvenuto, M.A. 2008: MA in Cultural Studies, Uniwersytet Jagiellonski, Krakow, Poland; Ph.D. student, Global Affairs, Rutgers-Newark, State University of New Jersey

Michael Brandon, M.A. 2009: UNC Chapel Hill

James Broomall, M.A. 2006: University of Florida

Dustin Cranford, M.A. 2011: University of Maryland at College Park

William Feeney, M.A. 2008: University of West Virginia

Richard Gilley, M.A. 2010: University of South Florida

Benjamin Gulley, M.A. 2008: Penn State

Tiffany Holland, M.A. 2011: Duke University

David Loner, M.A. 2010: University of Tennessee Knoxville

Beth McFayden, M.A. 2014: University of Illinois at Chicago

Warren Milteer, M.A. 2010: UNC Chapel Hill

Andrea Nichols, M.A. 2010: University of Nebraska

Jeremy Piercy, M.A. 2013: University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Rwany Sibaja, M.A. 2005: George Mason University

Tyson Smith, M.A. 2008: University of Mississippi

Kenneth Surles, M.A. 2014: University of Oregon

Peter van Lidth de Jeude, M.A. 2008: Penn State

Lisa Zevorich, M.A. 2009: Ohio State University


Rebecca Adams, M.A. 2013: Book Review published in the North Carolina Historical Review, vol. LXXXIX (2012):455-56

Dustin Cranford, M.A. 2011: "A Roman in Name Only: An Onomastic Study of Cultural Assimilation and Integration in Roman Spain," Eras Journal, June 2012

Christopher Kutas, M.A. 2011: Book Review published in Ethnohistory, Summer 2011

Ethan Moore, M.A. 2010: "From Sikwa to Swine: The Hog in Cherokee Culture and Society, 1750-1840," Native South, vol. 4 (2011), pp. 105-120

Jeremy Piercy, M.A. 2013: "The English Civil War and the Glorious Revolution," In World Democracy: From Ancient Times to the Peoples Revolutions of the 21st Century. M. E. Sharpe, 2013; "U.S.S. Relief," In An Encyclopedia of American Women at War: From the Home Front to the Battlefields. ABC-Clio, 2012; Book Review in Essays in History, 2013.

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