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Ph.D. Careers and Accomplishments

Please send news of new jobs, awards, fellowships, publications, and admissions to other graduate programs to Laurie O'Neill at lponeill@uncg.edu. We will include your news on this page and in the fall department newsletter. Thanks!

Academic Career News

Jennifer Bratyanski, Ph.D. 2012: Instructor, Queens University of Charlotte, Hayworth College

James Findley, Ph.D. student: Lecturer, UNCG, Rockingham County Community College

Christine Flood, Ph.D. student: Program Associate and Lecturer, Ashby Residential College, UNCG

Marjorie Foy, Ph.D. student: Adjunct Professor of History at St. Augustine's College

Sarah Gates, Ph.D. student: Lecturer, UNCG

Christopher Graham, Ph.D 2013: Lecturer, UNCG, Guilford Technical Community College, and Elon University

Kevin Greene, Ph.D. 2011: Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Southern Mississippi

Karen Hawkins, Ph.D. 2012: Teacher, Wake County Public Schools

John Kaiser, Ph.D. student: Full-time instructor, Wake Technical Community College; Lecturer, UNCG

Angela Robbins Marritt, Ph.D. 2010: Assistant Professor, Meredith College

Paige Meszaros, Ph.D. 2012: Assistant Professor, Bennett College, Lecturer, UNCG

Alyce Miller, Ph.D. 2012: Assistant Professor, John Tyler Community College

Todd Miller, Ph.D. student: Lecturer, UNCG

Joseph Moore, Ph.D. 2011: Assistant Professor, Gardner-Webb University

Eric Oakley, Ph.D. student: TIP Summer Studies Instructor, Duke University

Keri Petersen, Ph.D. student: Chair of the Department of History, Philosophy, Religion and Interdisciplinary Studies, Bennett College

Eugene Piasecki, Ph.D. student: Historian at U.S. Army Special Operations Command, Fayetteville, NC

Tiffany Butler Quaye, Ph.D. 2012: Visiting Assistant Professor, Johnson C. Smith University

Richard Shelton, Ph.D. student: History Instructor, Surry Community College

Cory Joe Stewart, Ph.D. 2010: Social Sciences Division Chair, Surry Community College

Susan Thomas, Ph.D. 2011: Lecturer, UNCG, Greensboro College

Natasha Thompson, Ph.D. 2012: Full-time instructor, Vance-Granville Community College; Lecturer, UNCG.

Jess Usher, Ph.D. student: Instructor, Winston Salem State University

Awards and Honors

For UNCG History Department awards and honors, click here.

Jennifer Bratyanski, Ph.D. 2012: 2010-2011 Outstanding Faculty Member at Queens University of Charlotte, Hayworth College

Hannah Dudley Shotwell, PhD student: Award for Outstanding Work in Women's and Gender Studies, UNCG, 2012

James Findley, Ph.D. student: Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing (SHARP) Travel Grant, 2013; winner of the Humanities section of the UNCG Graduate School Research Expo., 2012; Grant-in-aid to the Folger Shakespeare Library, 2012; UNCG Atlantic World Research Network research prize, 2010

Christine Flood, Ph.D. student: 3rd-place Student Essay Contest, North Carolina Museum of History, 2011

Marjorie Foy, Ph.D 2013: Semi-Finalist for Mellon Fellowship in Humanistic Studies, 2006; Scholar-Athlete Graduate Fellowship, LifeScan of Johnson & Johnson, 2007-2009; Schlesinger Dissertation Fellowship, Harvard University, 2009-2010

John Kaiser, Ph.D. student: UNCG Atlantic World Research Network research prize, 2009; Archie K. Davis Fellowship, North Caroliniana Society, 2012

Brian Lee, Ph.D. student: Kennedy Research Grant, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, 2008

Sarah McCartney, Ph.D. student: Betty Sams Christian Fellowship in Business and Economic History at the Virginia Historical Society, 2014

Ian Michie, Ph.D. student: UNCG Atlantic World Research Network research prize, 2011

Dennis Todd Miller, Ph.D. student: Andrew W. Mellon Research Fellowship, Virginia Historical Society, Summer 2012.

Joseph Moore, Ph.D. 2011: Visiting Scholar, University of Notre Dame 2009; Visiting Research Associate, Queens University Belfast 2010; John Hope Franklin Collection for African and African American Documentation Travel Grant (Duke University), 2010; John Higham Travel Grant (OAH/IEHS) 2011; UNCG Atlantic World Research Network research prize, 2009

Lauren Mottle, Ph.D. student: First prize, UNCG Preparing Future Faculty program, 2014

Steven Peach, Ph.D. student: Phillips Fund Grant for Native American Research, American Philosophical Society, 2014; 1st place, UNCG Atlantic World Research Network research prize, 2012

Keri Petersen, Ph.D. student: Selected as a UNCF Mellon Faculty Doctoral Fellow for 2013.

Therese Strohmer, Ph.D student: Bernard Dissertation Fellowship for 2014 by the UNCG College of Arts and Sciences.

Susan Thomas, Ph.D. 2011: UNCG 2012 Outstanding Dissertation Award.

Donna Ward, PhD student: 2nd place, UNCG Atlantic World Research Network research prize, 2012. (Link to Project)


Christopher A. Graham, Ph.D. 2013: "Evangelicals and 'Domestic Felicity' in the Non-Elite South," Journal of Southern Religion 15 (2013).

Karen Hawkins, Ph.D. 2012: Everybody's Problem: Whites, Blacks, and the Fight Against Poverty in Eastern North Carolina, 1963-1969, to be published early 2015 by University of Florida Press; "A Moderate Approach: How the War on Poverty Was Kept Alive in Eastern North Carolina, 1963-1968," Journal of the Historical Society, October 2013; "Rising Phoenix-Like: The African American Struggle and Mobilization for Political Rights in New Bern, North Carolina, 1968-1977," North Carolina Historical Review, October 2008; book review published in Journal of Children and Poverty, March 2012.

Brian Lee, Ph.D. student: "Farmville Protests of 1963." Encyclopedia Virginia. Virginia Foundation for the Humanities (with Brian J. Daugherity); "Program of Action: The Rev. L. Francis Griffin and the Struggle for Racial Equality in Farmville, 1963," with Brian J. Daugherity, The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography 121 (2013), 251-287; "We Will Move: The Kennedy Administration and Restoring Public Education to Prince Edward County, Virginia" in Terence Hicks and Abul Pitre, e.s., The Educational Lockout of African Americans in Prince Edward County, Virginia (1959-1964): Personal Reflections and Accounts(Lanham, Maryland, 2010).

D. Keith Mann, Ph.D. student: Book review published in The Journal of African American History, Winter-Spring 2012.

Ian Michie, Ph.D. student: "'Toward a Truer World:' Overt and Implied Messages of Resistance from Slave Songs to Rap" in Sounds of Resistance: The Role of Music in Multicultural Activism (Preager, 2013); "The Renewed Debate: Hurricane Katrina and America's Reawakening to Racial Inequality" in ABC-CLIOs American Mosaic: African American Experience Schools Database.

Jamie Mize, Ph.D. student: "In the Hands of God: Religious Revivals and the Struggle for Manhood In Confederate Camps," in Memory and Mythology: Modern War and the Construction of Historical Memory, 1775-2000 ed. Natalia Starostina. Palo Alto: Academica Press, 2014.

Joseph S. Moore, Ph.D. 2011: "Covenanters and Antislavery in the Atlantic World," Slavery & Abolition Vol. 34, No. 4 (2013); "Colonization and the Limits of Antislavery in Upcountry South Carolina," in Ben Wright and Zachary W. Dresser, Apocalypse and the Millennium in the American Civil War Era (LSU Press, 2013)

Eric Oakley, Ph.D. student: Book reviews published in Ethnohistory, Spring 2011, and The Journal for the History of Discoveries, 42:1 September 2010.

Steven Peach, Ph.D. student: "Creek Indian Globetrotter: Tomochichi's Trans-Atlantic Quest for Traditional Power in the Colonial Southeast," Ethnohistory 60:4 (Fall 2013): 605-635; "Traditional Healing and Modern Medicine" in Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Indian Issues Today, (Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2013); Book reviews published in Ethnohistory, Spring 2012 andEssays in History, Summer 2012.

Joseph A. Ross, Ph.D. student: "Göring's Trial, Stahmer's Duty: A Lawyer's Defense Strategy at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, 1945-46," Madison Historical Review, Spring 2008, http://web.jmu.edu/history/mhr/.

Richard Shelton, Ph.D. student: "The Revolutions of 1989," Social Science Journal, Winston-Salem State University, #5, Second Series, Spring 2007; "Stoneman's Raid: The Culmination of Civil War in Western North Carolina," Social Science Journal, Winston-Salem State University, #2, Second Series, Spring 2004. Book reviews published in Southern Historian, Spring 2009, and Southern Historian, Spring 2005.

Therese Strohmer, Ph.D. student: Book review published on H-Net, February 2011.

Virginia Summey, Ph.D. Student: "Redefining Activism: Judge Elreta Alexander Ralston and Civil Rights Advocacy in the New South," North Carolina Historical Review (July 2013), 90(3): 237-258.

Jess Usher, Ph.D. student: "'The Golfers': African American Golfers of the North Carolina Piedmont and the Struggle for Access,"North Carolina Historical Review, April, 2010; book reviews published in the North Carolina Historical Review, January, 2011 and October 2011

Donna Patricia Ward, Ph.D. student: "City Profile: Detroit, MI 1896-1929," in Richardson Dilworth, ed. Cities in American Political History (CQ Press, 2011).

Monica Ward, Ph.D. student: Book reviews published in Ethnohistory, Winter 2011 and Winter 2013.


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