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Guidelines for HIS 390, History Internship

Required hours:

90 hours for 3 credits.


Students must have a minimum of twelve credit hours with a 3.0 grade point average in history to qualify for an internship. Permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies is required.

How to set up an internship:

The best internships are those in which students work on particular projects that make a meaningful contribution within a professional setting. It takes time to arrange for your placement in a particular institution and coordinate with host institutions the development of internship projects and arrangements for staff supervision. For this reason, you should begin planning for an internship at least one semester in advance of the one in which you plan to register for HIS 390. Begin by submitting an internship application (also available in the History Department office, 2129 MHRA) in consultation with Dr. Benjamin Filene, 2137 MHRA.

In consultation with a faculty advisor, you will identify possible choices of professional settings for your internship. Our majors have completed internships at the Greensboro Historical MuseumTannenbaum Park, the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, and the University Archives and Manuscripts. There are many internship possibilities in the state of North Carolina and beyond. The selected institution must have available resources to host an internship during the specified semester.

Internship Contract:

You will write an internship contract in consultation with your faculty advisor and the staff member supervising your internship at the host institution. This brief statement (1-2 pages, typed) will describe as specifically as possible the work the intern will perform at the host institution; contain an estimate of how much time each part of the project(s) will take; and include a preliminary bibliography of readings related to the internship project. Approved copies of this contract should be submitted to your faculty advisor and to your supervisor at the host institution no later than the second week of the semester in which you are registered for HIS 390.

Internship Log:

Throughout the internship, you will keep a daily log indicating the hours spent at work and briefly describing the work completed during those hours. The final entry in the log should show the total number of hours spent at the host institution, signed by the staff supervisor (90 hours minimum for academic credit).

Final Report:

You will write a detailed description and evaluation of the internship experience, including an explanation of aspects of the internship that met, exceeded, fell short of, or perhaps altered the student's original goals (10-15 pages typed and double-spaced). The report should include an annotated bibliography of selected readings related to the internship (10 books and articles minimum). You should approach this report as a thoughtful analysis of the internship as a professional experience. You should attach to this final report examples of work produced during the internship (e.g., an exhibit script, a special program brochure, a grant proposal, samples of forms completed). At least once during the semester, you should arrange a meeting with your faculty advisor to discuss how the internship is going and seek advice about the final report and development of the annotated bibliography.

The Final Grade:

You will be evaluated based on the following written documentation of the internship:
10% Internship contract
20% Daily log (signed by staff supervisor)
30% Written evaluation by staff supervisor
40% Final report and annotated bibliography

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