Course Requirements for an M.S. in Interior Architecture with a

Concentration in Museum Studies

The Department of Interior Architecture (formerly called the Department of Housing and Interior Design) was the first accredited professional interior design program in the state and, in the 1980s, it established the only graduate program in Interior Design in North Carolina. Admission to the program is contingent upon acceptance by both the department and the UNCG Graduate School. Applicants should have a minimum 3.0 grade point average in undergraduate work. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required and test scores in the 500 range on both the verbal and quantitative sections are acceptable prerequisites for consideration.

A statement of personal interest, three recommendations, and an interview with portfolio are also required. If distance makes an interview visit problematic, a telephone interview may be substituted. Applicants who do not hold a professional undergraduate degree in Interior Design or Architecture but are graduates of a related environmental design program, such as industrial design, may be required to complete specific undergraduate prerequisite courses as a condition of their admission to the program. Such decisions will be based upon an individual evaluation of credentials, portfolio, and design experience.

The Master of Science in Interior Architecture requires a minimum of 36 semester hours including a thesis. The specific requirements for students who elect to pursue a concentration in Historic Preservation or Museum Studies include:

Museum Studies concentration

Studio Courses (6 hours):
  • IAR 501, 502 or 602 – Advanced Interior Architecture I, II, or III (6 hrs.)
Research Techniques (9 hours):
  • IAR 631 – Environmental Design Research (3 hrs.)
  • IAR 645 – Seminar in Interior Architecture (3 hrs.) and
  • Three hours of research methods approved by student’s graduate committee.

For the Historic Preservation or Museum Studies concentration, courses appropriate for this requirement would include one from the following:

  • IAR/HIS 548: Architectural Conservation (3)
  • IAR/HIS 555: Field Methods in Preservation Technology (3)
  • IAR/HIS 628: Identification and Evaluation of the Historic Built Environment (3)
  • IAR/HIS 545: Southern History and Southern Material Culture in a Museum Context (3)
Thesis (6 hrs.)
  • A thesis is required of all candidates for the M.S. degree.
Required Museum Studies Concentration Core (12 hrs.)
  • IAR/HIS 626: The Practice of Public History (3)
  • IAR/HIS 627: Museum and Historic Site Interpretation: Principles and Practice (3)
  • IAR/HIS 690: Internship* (3)
  • Approved Elective (6)

* Students with appropriate professional experience may substitute an elective for the Internship requirement with prior approval of the Director of Graduate Studies.

  • Related electives for the Historic Preservation and Museum Studies concentrations include:
  • HIS/IAR 536: History of the Decorative Arts (3)
  • HIS/IAR 545: Southern History and Southern Material Culture in a Museum Context (3)
  • HIS/IAR 547: History Museum Curatorship: Collections Management (3)
  • HIS/IAR 548: Architectural Conservation (3)
  • HIS/IAR 552: History and Theories in Material Culture (3)
  • HIS/IAR 555: Field Methods in Preservation Technology (3)
  • HIS/IAR 628: Identification and Evaluation of the Historic Built Environment (3)
  • HIS/LIS 505: Introduction to Archival Management (3)
  • IAR/HIS 589: Museum Education
  • ATY 597: Special Problems in Anthropology (3)
  • ART 590: Museum Studies (3)
  • PSC 540: Nonprofit Management and Leadership (3)
  • GEO 502: Urban Planning (3)

Core courses for either concentration may be taken as electives for the other concentration.

Additional Information

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